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Beauty must haves from Benefit

I will never declare myself a beauty expert but when Benefit ask you to review some make up you don’t say no do you? Thought not.

So with wedding day make up in mind, I preened and pruned myself and spelt out my honest opinions.

IMG_1788 (2)

They’re real! mascara

Mascara is my staple. Always has been and always will be. Which is why I am hard to please, you see, it has to be exactly right; no clumping, lengthen to perfection and stay put for a whole day. I must admit that I was worried about trying this mascara, my current one is absolutely perfect so how could it possibly match up, but I must confess that loved it. Gliding action spot on, lengthening beyond my dreams and no horrible clumping of the lashes. In fact I loved it so much that it may well replace my current love. These are bold words from a girl who hasn’t changed her mascara since 2009….just to clarify, I do change the mascara just not the brand.

This gets a great big tick in the box from me. My only concern for wedding day make up is that it is not waterproof and boy do I recommend the waterproof stuff on the day.

IMG_1833 (2)

Gimme brow

Now eyebrow make up deludes me. Sure I tidy them and keep them in tip top shape but I honestly don’t ‘get’ the whole colouring them in or Scouse Brow trend. Ok, so maybe I am just behind the times but I am at least honest. Needless to say this took a little getting used to having never coloured my brows before but I liked the product; it’s subtle and very easy to use.

This is a definite wedding make up item for those who want to ensure they’re camera ready and are well used to the brow thing. For me, I think I’ll just have to stay behind the trend on this one.

IMG_1828 (2)

Hydra-smooth lip colour

Hyrda-smooth does exactly what it says on the tin. In fact it was so soft and embalming that it felt like I had put lip balm on. Whilst this shade wasn’t exactly right for my skin tone, it comes in 10 shades offering different levels of coverage so I know that my perfect match is out there. In fact, I will be tracking down the nude shade for my perfect fit.

This is a great lip stick that feels silky smooth and moisturising which is perfect for wedding day lips. My only concern is that it wasn’t as long lasting as I think you need on your wedding day. As a base or an every day colour though it’s perfect.

IMG_1790 (2)

Rockateur ~ famously provocative cheek powder

Finally, the bronzer. This is a rose tinted bronzer with a hint of shimmer and I love it. If you’re looking for that natural glow on your wedding day then this is the answer; although, trust me, if there’s one day you will naturally radiate a glow, it’s your wedding day. So maybe, if you want that natural glow the rest of the year then this is the answer.

You don’t need a lot for the desired affect so try not to get over excited and cake the stuff on or you will look like you’re attempting ‘clown-chic’….and yes, I’m speaking from experience. A little creates a dewy glow that will last you all day.

IMG_1803 (2)One thing is for sure, these are a much welcome addition to my make-up swag. IMG_1837 (2)What’s in your wedding make up? Do you have items that you can’t live without?

Do share your tips and favourites below.


And she wore flowers in her hair…

I love fresh flowers and one thing that I always knew about my wedding is that I would love to have some flowers in my hair.

Rather than the usual veil or tiara why not try something different and opt for a sweet boho garland of flowers for your hair on your wedding day. Whether it’s small and dainty using something like wax flowers or big and bold using roses, I personally think they look amazing.

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Grecian Hair

I think that Grecian hairstyles are the perfect wedding day look; soft, romantic and regal. Adding a gold leaf element to your headpiece is a wonderful way of achieving this look. In fact, I think that the gold leaf wreaths are so stylish that  I have now decided that I have to have one!

Alternatively, you could choose a natural wreath and create more of a bohemian look which I love.

Gold or natural, this is a bridal look well worth considering.


Clockwise from top: Portobello; Etsy; Flo and Percy; Etsy


Clockwise from the top: Etsy; Pomp and Plumage; Etsy

Grecian hairstyles:

Clockwise from top: pinterest; Taylor Lord Photography; Once Wed; Pinterest

Clockwise from top: pinterest; Taylor Lord Photography; Once Wed; Pinterest

Clockwise from top: pinterest; pinterest; pinterest; pinterest

Clockwise from top: pinterest; pinterest; pinterest; pinterest


Weekly make-up tips from Basma


Thank goodness it’s Thursday! The days and weeks seem to be flying by at the moment and like so many, I seem to get swept up along the working treadmill. Basma is a girl with a whole lot going on, her latest project is one with her sister for Art on Canvas so watch this space for her developments. For now, here’s another tip and I am in for a relaxing weekend…after a night out, it is Thursday after all.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 4.42.00 PM

Makeup for deep set eyes: Those with deep set eyes don’t get to enjoy eye shadow so much. However, you can make your eyes look less deep set with some pastel or shimmery shades and lots of mascara! (the lady in the pic doesn’t have deep set eyes, but a proper one couldn’t be found online, so went with this. It pretty much gives the idea of how pastel colors opens and widens the eyes)


Basma also represents Revlon ME:


Special Offer;Bridal pampering at The Nail Spa

Bridal pampering is one of the loveliest ways to indulge and begin the exciting lead up to the big day. The best way to enjoy this is to switch off, the table plan can wait, and soak up all the goodness of being pampered. Dubai is full of places that could cater for a Bride who needs a bit of relaxation, beautification and luxury as she bursts with anticipation for the wedding but a jem is The Nail Spa, who have a specific selection of bridal packages. 

The best bit is that The Nail Spa are offering readers 10% discount off all bridal packages booked within April or May (they can be booked for a later date) when they quote ‘Lace in the Desert’. So, read on, spread the word and get booking!

There is no bigger day in a woman’s life, than the day she becomes a bride.  At The Nail Spa we are there every step of the way in the run up to the big day to ensure she looks every bit the princess she has always dreamed of, that goes for the beautiful bridesmaids and of course, the mother of the bride/groom. We’ll do all the work for you so you can enjoy a moment of calm before your beautiful day ahead.

The Nail Spa Bridal Packages_02


  • We believe that the bride-to-be and her friends deserve to have a heavenly break before the big day!
  • Let The Nail Spa help you customise an unforgettable spa party.  Anything is possible with all of our spas available for full or part hire – from decorations and themed catering through to pampering and partying – we are at your service.



One Month Before (every week – total 4 treatment sessions)

  • Vitamin C Hand Facial (antioxidant intensified vitamin C treatment to reduce wrinkles and restore optimum moisture)
  • Hot Wrapper – Feet (paraffin wrap to rejuvenate and hydrate)
  • Haute Manicure (sweet almond oil dip, softening cuticles and giving your nails a boost)
  • Natural Therapy Pedicure

Three Days Before

  • Waxing all over (not including Face & Brazilian)
  • Eyelash Tint
  • Eyebrow Shape and Tint
  • Aromatherapy Indulgence – Hands and Feet (pure essential oils to relax, re-energize and sooth aching muscles whilst stimulating circulation)
  • Classic Massage (smoothing and invigorating Swedish massage)
  • Dream Facial (lifts and tones the skin, leaving you relaxed and floating on air)

Day before or wedding morning

  • Bio Sculpture Everlasting French Manicure
  • Hot Wrapper – Hands and Feet
  • Bio Sculpture Everlasting French Pedicure
  • Bee Sting Facial (using Heaven by Deborah Mitchell products to increase blood flow, collagen and elasticity of the skin, renowned for its soothing and healing properties)


The Slenderizer Massage Package (per person, a total of 8 treatment sessions)

Say goodbye to invasive surgery and say hello to The Slenderizer Massage! Developed by experts at The Nail Spa and working together with Deborah Mitchell, internationally renowned for her work with the likes of Kate Middleton, Danni Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham, this non-invasive deep tissue Slenderizer Massage can help improve the tone and elasticity of the skin, eliminate toxins and visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

4-5 Weeks Before (2 Slenderizer massage/week)

  • Week 1: The Slenderizer – Fix it massage

The Slenderizer – Mould it massage

  • Week 2: The Slenderizer – Mould it massage

The Slenderizer – Mould it massage

  • Week 3: The Slenderizer – Mould it massage

The Slenderizer – Shape it massage

  • Week 4: The Slenderizer – Shape it massage

The Slenderizer – Shape it massage


Recommended for day before or wedding morning

  • Classic Manicure and Pedicure
  • Vitamin C Hand & Foot Facial
  • Back & Neck Stress Buster Massage
  • Bee Sting Facial


Recommended for day before or wedding morning

  • Classic Manicure & Pedicure
  • Aromatherapy Indulgence – Hands and Feet (Lavender)
  • Back & Neck Stress Buster Massage

Salon image The Nail Spa

Come in or call us to speak to one of our bridal package coordinators, and let us design your perfect experience at The Nail Spa.

These packages are available in selected spas only, prior booking is essential.


  • Mercato (04 349 7766)
  • IBN Battuta Mall (04 368 5070)
  • Jumeirah Creekside Hotel (The Aviation Club) (04 282 1617)
  • Dubai Mall (04 339 9078)
  • Meadows Town Centre (04 447 0744)
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club (04 452 2262)


  • Al Wahda Mall (02 642 3444)

Weekly make-up tips from Basma

Today’s beauty tip is a life -saver for anyone who suffers from dreaded acne. As usual, Basma has a solution:





Fight acne by mixing 1 Tablespoon of 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel and 1 Tablespoon Raw Organic Honey together in a bowl. Once blended well, apply the mixture to your clean face, neck and back (if you have acne there). Leave it on for 20-25 minutes then rinse it off with warm water and a cloth. Dry these areas using a soft  towel then apply an oil-free moisturiser to retain needed moisture.

Basma also represents Revlon ME: