Beauty must haves from Benefit

I will never declare myself a beauty expert but when Benefit ask you to review some make up you don’t say no do you? Thought not.

So with wedding day make up in mind, I preened and pruned myself and spelt out my honest opinions.

IMG_1788 (2)

They’re real! mascara

Mascara is my staple. Always has been and always will be. Which is why I am hard to please, you see, it has to be exactly right; no clumping, lengthen to perfection and stay put for a whole day. I must admit that I was worried about trying this mascara, my current one is absolutely perfect so how could it possibly match up, but I must confess that loved it. Gliding action spot on, lengthening beyond my dreams and no horrible clumping of the lashes. In fact I loved it so much that it may well replace my current love. These are bold words from a girl who hasn’t changed her mascara since 2009….just to clarify, I do change the mascara just not the brand.

This gets a great big tick in the box from me. My only concern for wedding day make up is that it is not waterproof and boy do I recommend the waterproof stuff on the day.

IMG_1833 (2)

Gimme brow

Now eyebrow make up deludes me. Sure I tidy them and keep them in tip top shape but I honestly don’t ‘get’ the whole colouring them in or Scouse Brow trend. Ok, so maybe I am just behind the times but I am at least honest. Needless to say this took a little getting used to having never coloured my brows before but I liked the product; it’s subtle and very easy to use.

This is a definite wedding make up item for those who want to ensure they’re camera ready and are well used to the brow thing. For me, I think I’ll just have to stay behind the trend on this one.

IMG_1828 (2)

Hydra-smooth lip colour

Hyrda-smooth does exactly what it says on the tin. In fact it was so soft and embalming that it felt like I had put lip balm on. Whilst this shade wasn’t exactly right for my skin tone, it comes in 10 shades offering different levels of coverage so I know that my perfect match is out there. In fact, I will be tracking down the nude shade for my perfect fit.

This is a great lip stick that feels silky smooth and moisturising which is perfect for wedding day lips. My only concern is that it wasn’t as long lasting as I think you need on your wedding day. As a base or an every day colour though it’s perfect.

IMG_1790 (2)

Rockateur ~ famously provocative cheek powder

Finally, the bronzer. This is a rose tinted bronzer with a hint of shimmer and I love it. If you’re looking for that natural glow on your wedding day then this is the answer; although, trust me, if there’s one day you will naturally radiate a glow, it’s your wedding day. So maybe, if you want that natural glow the rest of the year then this is the answer.

You don’t need a lot for the desired affect so try not to get over excited and cake the stuff on or you will look like you’re attempting ‘clown-chic’….and yes, I’m speaking from experience. A little creates a dewy glow that will last you all day.

IMG_1803 (2)One thing is for sure, these are a much welcome addition to my make-up swag. IMG_1837 (2)What’s in your wedding make up? Do you have items that you can’t live without?

Do share your tips and favourites below.


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