And she wore flowers in her hair…

I love fresh flowers and one thing that I always knew about my wedding is that I would love to have some flowers in my hair.

Rather than the usual veil or tiara why not try something different and opt for a sweet boho garland of flowers for your hair on your wedding day. Whether it’s small and dainty using something like wax flowers or big and bold using roses, I personally think they look amazing.

2013-08-01_0063 2013-08-01_0062 2013-08-01_0061 2013-08-01_0060 2013-08-01_0059 2013-08-01_0058 2013-08-01_0057 2013-08-01_0056 2013-08-01_0055 2013-08-01_0054 2013-08-01_00532013-08-01_0052 2013-08-01_0048 2013-08-01_0047 2013-08-01_0046 2013-08-01_0045 2013-08-01_0043 2013-08-01_0042


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