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Phioro Jewellery

I have been lucky enough to been put in touch with Clare from Dubai’s luxury jewellery house Phioro who not only creates the most beautiful jewels but who is also full of amazing advice (more on that in the next few weeks).

For now, did you know that Tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than Diamonds? Me neither. Read on for Clare’s incredible knowledge and passion for her business. Phioro meets every girl’s requirement for unique and elegant designs.

Tell me more about how you started your career?

I began by studying Art Foundation at Bournemouth Institute of Art & Design, at that point I had no idea that I would end up in jewellery – I am an artist who loves object and sculpture. When I tried metalwork I was hooked! I loved the way you can work with metal and stones to create something so beautiful, sculptural and yet wearable.

From there I went on to study Jewellery & Silversmithing at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham. And from there onwards I set about creating the Phioro brand.

Phioro was founded in 2008 in the UK, however I was pulled back to the UAE – my hometown and haven’t looked back since.

Ophelia Necklace with Diamonds & Topaz - Phioro Jewellery

How did the idea to do a Bridal line come about?   

We started in Engagement rings and have been creating and designing bespoke, personalised engagement and wedding rings for almost 3 years now.

However it wasn’t until my own wedding came about that I realised how much women need Bridal jewellery to complete their look for their special day. I designed my own wedding jewellery inspired by my one-of-a-kind Engagement Ring concept – ‘My Eternal Sunshine’ and the Eternal Sunshine Collection is the first in our Bridal Range.

We are also working on another Bridal Collection named ‘Ophelia’, it is inspired by ‘Baby’s breath or Gypsophela’ flowers and will be launched officially in Spring 2014.

Eternal Sunshine Ring - Phioro Jewellery

How does having a customised piece with Phioro differ from other jewelers ? 

Most jewellery brands you find here are not specialised in one-of-a-kind personalised design, the service we offer is a very unique concept in the UAE. Phioro’s ethos is to truly understand our client’s story and translate this into a stunning piece of jewellery that reflects not only their character but their inner love story. We believe that every jewellery piece should have a story. Something that resonates with the client, so much so that they couldn’t help but become emotionally involved with it.

Secondly, the careful selection of quality stones and precious metals, plays a huge factor in how beautiful a piece will ultimately be. Many clients have no idea what a difference this makes to how desirable a piece of jewellery looks when wearing it. However, choosing the best quality diamonds, with an excellent cut – even when they are only 1mm in diameter – can be the distinction between an average, or an outstanding piece.

Thirdly, we believe an object should be resoundingly beautiful, and well-made. A piece that has lasting value is something that one can treasure forever. We consider a piece of jewellery from all angles, and often hide secret details within its form to add intrigue to a piece. These aspects require a great deal of time, attention and an extremely critical eye for detail. This is a key element of the design process at Phioro Jewellery; we carefully watch over the manufacturing process so that every detail is carefully maintained and delivered with utmost excellence.

Ophelia Ring - Phioro Bridal Jewellery

 Which materials are your favourite to work with? 

I absolutely love Tanzanite, I think it’s colour is mesmerizing and I love the way that it changes when the light plays against it. It is also an incredibly rare stone, 1000 times rarer than diamonds.

However, you can never beat diamonds for their sparkle and classic beauty.

 What motivates you when it comes to designing?  

I love being able to dream up an incredible form and then see it in reality a month or two later. It is in incredible feeling seeing that piece sparkling in front of me, but once it’s done there are a million more ideas that I want to develop from it! It is a never-ending cycle.

When it comes to designing for our Bespoke clients, it is a truly rewarding process. Because often the piece starts with the love that someone has for another person, and that is channeled into the jewellery, which is then gifted to that person – who is overwhelmed with having this totally unique and utterly priceless piece as their own to treasure forever.

This is why our Tag Line is: Forever in Love – it has so many layers to the work that we do.

Eternal Sunshine Earrings

Which celebrity would you most like to design a piece for and what would it be?  

I think it would have to be Gwyneth Paltrow; she is the epitome of style, class and success, and yet so humble and beautiful inside and out. I would love to design a one-of-a-kind diamond necklace for her, that would reflect her true character in its form.

Which other designers inspire you the most, and why?  

I am extremely inspired by Stephen Webster, I have met him personally and his Rock star attitude and rags to riches story really captured me. His designs are striking and bold, a lot like our Fine Jewellery collections.

I love Alexander McQueen’s total innovation, his work in fashion was ground-breaking and I try to emulate this within my designs in jewellery.

Within Dubai, I adore Michael Cinco’s work, his mystical bridal gowns are breath-taking, and I love the detail that he captures within every creation.

 Ophelia Earrings - Phioro JewelleryFor more information on Phioro see


Perfect statement jewellery; La Diosa’s Rania Collection

La Diosa is the brainchild of a London based design duo who have created the most exquisite fine jewellery collection.

Rania is their latest collection and it is intrinsically beautiful. La Diosa sum it up:

Inspired by the natural beauty and meticulous style of North African architecture. Rania means “Queen” in many languages, and we have evoked this by the use of champagne, white and black diamonds throughout this wondrous collection. The diamonds are complimented by the 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold, in which each piece is meticulously made from. Each piece is made in Vicenza, Italy, adding not only a quality touch to the collection, but also an element of true craftsmanship.

2013-07-24_0003 2013-07-24_0004 2013-07-24_0006 2013-07-24_0007 2013-07-24_0005See the stockists of this beautiful collection here.


Carla Atala

Carla Atala‘s jewellery is stunning. With an emphasis on gold, pearls and diamonds it is no wonder that I lusted after everything! With a Bridal collection to go alongside her signature collections, this is a jeweller worth considering for your wedding day bling.

For now, I’ll pass you over to Carla herself to tell you more about her work:

Gorgeous Carla pic 5

Tell me more about how you started your career?

I always the love for creation and designing within me ever since I was a child. My mother used to design our clothes and I used to top it with the accessories. I heard about GIA while I was visiting the US and decided to learn about gems and pursue my talent in becoming jewellery designer. I stayed there for three years to complete by studies before going back to Lebanon and working with Tabbah for a year and a half, later I ventured out on my own.


How did the idea to do a Bridal line come about?

I love designing a bridal piece. I enjoy sitting with my customer to create something special for her wedding. A lot of them don’t find what they long for in the market or it is above the budget, so the idea came to me to develop the bridal collection and make it a personalized order, to suit the brides taste and budget.


How does having a customised piece with Carla Atala differ from other jewellers?

A customized piece is actually the combination of my style and my customers. Not very often will they find exactly what they are looking for so when a bridal set is designed for them, it holds more value along with embodying my clients choice.


Which materials are you’re favourite to work with?

I only work with gold. Diamonds and pearls are what I favor the most.


What motivates you when it comes to designing?

I love music and it motivates me a lot. The vibe of music inspires me and makes me want to create and be active in what I do.


For confused Brides how would you help choose their jewellery pieces for the big day?

It’s obviously much easier to work with a bride who knows what she wants as compared to confused one. I advise her first with what suits her the most, according to her looks including whether she’s big or petite. I create pieces bride set that will enhance her looks and makes her stand out on her special day. Every bride is different and for each one I have to find a different style that makes her unique.

Which celebrity would you most like to design a piece for and what would it be?

I would like to design a piece for Jennifer Lawrence, a beautiful pearl and diamond necklace set on rose gold to suit her angelic features.


Which other designers inspire you the most, and why?

I absolutely love Harry Winston. The pieces are very elaborate and yet very simple.

What do you like to do when you’re not designing?

When I am away from my work, I like to exercise, travel and dine out.


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