Carla Atala

Carla Atala‘s jewellery is stunning. With an emphasis on gold, pearls and diamonds it is no wonder that I lusted after everything! With a Bridal collection to go alongside her signature collections, this is a jeweller worth considering for your wedding day bling.

For now, I’ll pass you over to Carla herself to tell you more about her work:

Gorgeous Carla pic 5

Tell me more about how you started your career?

I always the love for creation and designing within me ever since I was a child. My mother used to design our clothes and I used to top it with the accessories. I heard about GIA while I was visiting the US and decided to learn about gems and pursue my talent in becoming jewellery designer. I stayed there for three years to complete by studies before going back to Lebanon and working with Tabbah for a year and a half, later I ventured out on my own.


How did the idea to do a Bridal line come about?

I love designing a bridal piece. I enjoy sitting with my customer to create something special for her wedding. A lot of them don’t find what they long for in the market or it is above the budget, so the idea came to me to develop the bridal collection and make it a personalized order, to suit the brides taste and budget.


How does having a customised piece with Carla Atala differ from other jewellers?

A customized piece is actually the combination of my style and my customers. Not very often will they find exactly what they are looking for so when a bridal set is designed for them, it holds more value along with embodying my clients choice.


Which materials are you’re favourite to work with?

I only work with gold. Diamonds and pearls are what I favor the most.


What motivates you when it comes to designing?

I love music and it motivates me a lot. The vibe of music inspires me and makes me want to create and be active in what I do.


For confused Brides how would you help choose their jewellery pieces for the big day?

It’s obviously much easier to work with a bride who knows what she wants as compared to confused one. I advise her first with what suits her the most, according to her looks including whether she’s big or petite. I create pieces bride set that will enhance her looks and makes her stand out on her special day. Every bride is different and for each one I have to find a different style that makes her unique.

Which celebrity would you most like to design a piece for and what would it be?

I would like to design a piece for Jennifer Lawrence, a beautiful pearl and diamond necklace set on rose gold to suit her angelic features.


Which other designers inspire you the most, and why?

I absolutely love Harry Winston. The pieces are very elaborate and yet very simple.

What do you like to do when you’re not designing?

When I am away from my work, I like to exercise, travel and dine out.


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