Perfect statement jewellery; La Diosa’s Rania Collection

La Diosa is the brainchild of a London based design duo who have created the most exquisite fine jewellery collection.

Rania is their latest collection and it is intrinsically beautiful. La Diosa sum it up:

Inspired by the natural beauty and meticulous style of North African architecture. Rania means “Queen” in many languages, and we have evoked this by the use of champagne, white and black diamonds throughout this wondrous collection. The diamonds are complimented by the 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold, in which each piece is meticulously made from. Each piece is made in Vicenza, Italy, adding not only a quality touch to the collection, but also an element of true craftsmanship.

2013-07-24_0003 2013-07-24_0004 2013-07-24_0006 2013-07-24_0007 2013-07-24_0005See the stockists of this beautiful collection here.


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