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The most romantic engagement; Michelle & Zach

Hand on my heart, this is the most romantic engagement shoot that I have ever laid eyes on. To be swept up into the arms of your handsome tuxed prince on the white sandy beaches of Southern California is my idea of the perfect modern fairytale. Lacie Hansen has captured this dreamy shoot so completely perfectly and luckily for you this is only the first installment of Lacie’s incredible talent.

Prepare yourself for this Californian fairytale.

13120018 (2) 13160008 (2) 82210008 (2) 13130015 (2) 82200003 (2) 82230013 (2) 13120026 (2) 82270003 (2) 13160006 (2) 13120023 (2) 13190001 (2) 13160015 (2) 13130018 (2) 82320006 (2)Anyone else tempted to put their best frock on and drag their boy down to the beach in an attempt to recreate this beauty?

I’m off…..!


Las Vegas desert shoot

Today we are transporting you from the deserts of the Middle East to the desert of Las Vegas for a beautiful styled shoot by Gaby J Photography. With a clear bohemian vibe running throughout this shoot (my favourite) I love the solitude that this couple are in.

Although it may contrast with the deep red sand of the desert we are used to here, there is something unifyingly ethereal about a desert backdrop anywhere in the world. So if a desert wedding is on the cards, sit back and be inspired. 

red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-01 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-30 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-24 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-34 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-09 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-02 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-37 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-19 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-18 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-10 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-06 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-28 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-03 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-35 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-36 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-33 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-32 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-39 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-17 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-27 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-15 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-16 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-08 red-rock-desert-las-vegas-engagement-photography-13

Photography & styling: Gaby J Photography | Flowers: I Do Wedding Flowers | Makeup: Celina Rodriguez | Hair: Rosa Dunn | Cake: Retro Bakery | Stationery: Paper & Home | Dresses: Staysi Lee Bridal Boutique | Flower crowns: Honeypie Headbands | Location: Red Rock

Roaming New York; Kelly & Brian

There is something about a New York engagement shoot that I just love and this one is no different. Kelly and Brian spent the day roaming the streets of New York with their photographer Scott Kretschmann Photography and got some stunning shots.

My favourites have to be those on Brooklyn Bridge, it’s just so darn cool as a backdrop.  I hope you enjoy our little slice of NYC today.

Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement4_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement7_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement1_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement10_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement12_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement6_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement16_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement21_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement18_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement28_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement24_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement27_low (2)

Is it just me that now wants to move to New York?!

Engaged in Paris; Letizia & Tim

This engagement shoot is a dream come true for most of us – skipping around Paris with the man you’re about to marry with a photographer to capture it all in one picture perfect shoot. Melvin Gilbert was the lucky photographer who got to capture it all in this is completely dreamy setting.

This is classic romance at it’s best, it is the city of love afterall.

2013-08-20_0024 2013-08-20_0023 2013-08-20_0025 2013-08-20_0031 2013-08-20_0032 2013-08-20_0026 2013-08-20_0027 2013-08-20_0033 2013-08-20_0029 2013-08-20_0022 2013-08-20_0030

New York is my playground – Natalie & Gregory

This engagement shoot was submitted by one of my readers and I Captured by Adagion Studio, every single photograph is so completely different that I cannot decide which one is my favourite; something that isn’t usually a problem.

It is a truly beautiful engagement shoot and I am chuffed to bits to get to share it with you, I can only imagine how spectacular the wedding will be. This is the kind of shoot that showcases beautifully how moving around a city like New York or Dubai gives you completely individual and unique shots.

Oh and I should probably warn you, get ready to have some serious shoe envy!

2013-08-12_0002 2013-08-12_0003 2013-08-12_0005 2013-08-12_0004 2013-08-12_0007 2013-08-12_0001 2013-08-12_0006 2013-08-12_0008

My Favourite Vespa – Anna & James

I do love an inspiring engagement shoot and today’s shoot from By Cherry Photography is exactly that.

Centering an engagement shoot around something that you love is one of the best ways to make it both unique and full of sentiment. I also happen to think that there is something uber cool about posing on the back of a Vespa, it would make me feel like I was starring in Grease… can you hand jive baby, oh yeah!

I digress. This is Anna and James’ day and I’m sure that they didn’t go around singing (badly) songs from Grease (although I kind of wish they had!)

2013-08-05_0006 2013-08-05_0005 2013-08-05_0012 2013-08-05_0009 2013-08-05_0010 2013-08-05_0008 2013-08-05_0013 2013-08-05_0002 2013-08-05_0003 2013-08-05_0004 2013-08-05_0001 2013-08-05_0007 2013-08-05_0011