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Sohad Acouri ~ Magical Romance

Having had the privilege of meeting Sohad Acouri himself and see the intricate and time consuming work that goes into each and every dress he creates makes me appreciate the beauty of this collection even more. Lebanese designer Sohad Acouri has characterized his latest collection as classic, sensual, magical, feminine, and royal.

With the use of the very best materials such as lace, silk and tulle, Acouri has created a truly timeless and elegant collection which I am thrilled to be sharing with you this sunny Thursday morning.

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Styling the Groom

Groom styling is something that’s not really been covered on Lace in the Desert but that is about to change. The groom is afterall a major part of the day. With so much thought and effort going into the bride and maids, it’s really only fair that the groom gets the same amount of attention.

This also happens to be one of my favourite image boards I’ve ever collected; men in suits make my heart flutter.

Country Gent

Think tweed and you’ve basically nailed the country gent. This is a great alternative to the standard suit and gives transforms your groom effortlessly into the ultimate country squire.

2013-09-14_0031 2013-09-14_0026 2013-09-14_0024 2013-09-14_00202013-09-14_0051 2013-09-14_0048 2013-09-14_0047

The old traditional

Whilst this is a look that is falling out of favour, there will always be die hard traditionalists who covet the morning suit. And why not? If the royals still wear it, then it can’t be all bad. This is for the ‘proper’ English Groomsman.

2013-09-14_0029 2013-09-14_0028 2013-09-14_0030

Blue hues

Blue on a boy makes my heart melt.

2013-09-14_0023 2013-09-14_0025 2013-09-14_0027 2013-09-14_0038

Tux suave 

There is a certain sophisticated sexiness that you get from a tuxed boy that I just love. This is also an easy option for your guests to adhere to as well.

2013-09-14_0037 2013-09-14_0036 2013-09-14_0021 2013-09-14_00222013-09-14_0050 2013-09-14_0053Relaxed sophistication

This is one of my favourite looks; slightly disheveled boy meets relaxed man. This is for the groom who has his own sense of style and knows exactly how to wear it.

2013-09-14_0034 2013-09-14_0033 2013-09-14_0032 2013-09-14_0046 2013-09-14_00412013-09-14_00352013-09-14_0052 2013-09-14_0056Pale and Interesting

Perfect for tanned grooms and beach weddings, the pale suit is featured in more and more weddings and with good reason.  2013-09-14_0055 2013-09-14_0054 2013-09-14_0039 2013-09-14_0040

Elizabeth Stuart 2014

I absolutely love discovering new bridal designers and Elizabeth Stuart is my latest new discovery. I can’t think of a better way to describe her latest collection than it’s an absolute corker.

Modern clean lines meet romantic fabrics and I love the result.

Whilst it’s a collection not available in the UAE, I simply had to share it – see here for the UK stockists.

Elizabeth Stuart is the new hope in bridal creations for sophisticated contemporary brides to be, awakening a universal appeal, by her remarkable understanding of how every woman wishes to be set apart from the rest on her wedding day, with an individuality that is exclusive only to her and will be remembered forever. This was the catalyst for Elizabeth Stuart, while on her journey for that special dress for her wedding day, to create what she had envisioned would set her apart from the ordinary.

2013-07-22_0089 2013-07-22_0086 2013-07-22_0085 2013-07-22_0084 2013-07-22_0083 2013-07-22_0082

Long distance love; Matha & Phil

Matha and Phil were married in a gorgeously romantic wedding after falling in love in four days. As my mother would say, ‘sometimes you just know’. This isn’t a big budget wedding and it’s one of the many reasons why I love it!

There are two weddings, one at city hall and the other at the beach and they tie wonderfully together with the colour hot pink.

All of this wonderful photography is captured by Chloe Jackman.

2013-07-23_00102013-07-23_0016 2013-07-23_0011 2013-07-23_0012 2013-07-23_0013


The Oldest Dress

Since it was a small low-budget wedding and we had only two months to plan for everything, the last thing we wanted was to spend money on our wedding outfits. Phil wore an Italian designer suit that he has had for few years and my dresses were also straight out of my closet. The Max Mara black and white dress that I altered for the City Hall ceremony was a lucky find from last summer at Goodbyes in Laurel Village. For the China Beach Blessing Ceremony, I wore a 1940s vintage-style beaded silk dress. It is one of the oldest dresses I own. It’s been in my closet for twelve years and the day I set eyes on that dress at Loehmann’s, I told myself that I was going to get married in it! Amazing how things worked out and it all came together at the end.

2013-07-23_0014 2013-07-23_0022 2013-07-23_0021 2013-07-23_0015 2013-07-23_0017 2013-07-23_0018 2013-07-23_0020


Destined for one another

Life surprised us both when we fell in love in four days and knew with every fiber in us that we were destined for each other. We got married on March 8th, and we will live separately for a year or so until Phil finishes his work and school commitments, then he will move to San Francisco and we will start our happily ever after.

2013-07-23_0019 2013-07-23_0023

My Favourite Thing


Favorite thing about the wedding: The wedding cake that my cousin Tanya baked. She made Tartine’s signature Lemon Chiffon Cake with Passion Fruit Mousse and shaved coconut. It was absolutely divine!




Pretty Sweet Dubai

One of the greatest things about Dubai is that it is bursting with fantastic opportunities to set up original, fun ideas and see them flourish. Pretty sweet Dubai is one of the greatest new examples of this and is bursting with all of the right flavours. Claire has started something that revolves around everybody’s favourite treat, sweets!

Sweet tables, or candy tables, are a growing and popular trend for weddings and rightly so.  Not only do they look brilliantly elegant but it plays to the child in every guest and gives them a delicious talking point throughout the day.  To learn more about Claire and Pretty Sweet Dubai read our interview with her below: 


What inspired you to set up Pretty Sweet Dubai?

I founded Pretty Sweet Dubai after planning a candy buffet for my own wedding. After struggling to find a bespoke dessert styling service in the UAE, I found myself obsessing over gorgeous glass display vases, and spent many evenings online sourcing colour coordinated candy for my table!

After the fabulous success of the candy buffet at my wedding, I started the dedicated service to bring the joy of candy buffets to other residents of the UAE.

As a bride, you will have enough details to concentrate on to make your special day just perfect, without worrying about arranging candy displays.

Pretty Sweet Dubai offers a stress-free solution; we will arrive on the morning of your big day to set-up, and arrive at the end of the night to clear everything away whilst you revel in newly-wedded bliss!


What makes a sweet table so special?

Candy buffets are pretty, sweet and fun!

They offer a great focal point at your wedding, and will have your guests talking about it long after the reception is over.

Plus they look great and taste even better!

Candy buffets provide interactive fun for guests at the wedding. They can enjoy mingling with each other whilst selecting their favourite treats. They also provide sweet favours to guests to take home after the wedding, enjoy and be reminded of your special day.

Some brides also prefer to have the candy buffet serve as the reception dessert; this allows guests to take breaks from the dance floor throughout the evening, instead of feeling too full after a heavy dessert. We can incorporate your wedding cake on the display to make it a truly stunning feature of your wedding décor.


Are there alternatives to having just sweets?

Of course! For those guests watching their waistlines, or those with dietary restrictions, we can supply candy alternatives. We ensure that these options are colourful and diverse enough to maintain an attractive display. Our alternatives include fresh fruits, served either as dipping skewers or fun shapes for children’s parties. We can also feature a range of dried fruits and sugared nuts on the table, providing a healthier alternative, whilst still full of flavour! Other options include yoghurt-covered raisins, granola bars, vegetable crudities and mini bran muffins.

We also offer clients the option to upgrade from the candy buffet to include what we call ‘sweet treats’.  Basically these are everything from cake pops through to customised individual mini cakes, including cupcakes, cookies and marshmallow pops. For weddings we can do gorgeous bride and groom cake pops, cookies personalizes with the Bride & Groom initials, and miniature versions of the main wedding cake. These are ideal as favours for your guests to take with them and enjoy at home after the wedding!


Can you customise the table to fit around any wedding theme?

Absolutely! Depending on the occasion, there are many different themes you could consider for your bespoke candy buffet. If you have already selected your wedding theme/ colour scheme we will tailor the table styling and candy to match this.

Some of our most popular wedding themes include vintage glamour, true romance  and outdoor beach.

Colours that work well for wedding candy buffets include mint, silver and pastels. All accented with touches of that pristine wedding white!

We can also work with your florist to incorporate beautiful flowers that complement  your venue onto the table.


How do you display your sweet tables?

With regards to the actual arrangements, we use a variety of different shaped and sized gorgeous glass display jars. These are filled with an assortment of colour-coordinated candies to match the overall event theme. These are then dressed with personalised labels and ribbons.

I also provide a frame on the table in accordance with the décor, to display a personalised message along the lines of “love is sweet, so pick a treat”! For weddings we can also add Mr. and Mrs. 3D table signage. There is also the option to display the wedding cake on the table as a centerpiece.

The number of display jars used for one set-up depends on the number of guests attending.

Candy scoops and individual portion bags are included in our standard package for guests to take their sweets home.

Contact Pretty Sweet Dubai:

Facebook | Twitter

Some Sweet Table Inspiration…..

2013-07-25_0017 2013-07-25_0016

Festival weddings

Festival season is almost upon us and so with that in mind I have collected a series of gig worthy images. Festival weddings are all about embracing the relaxed vibe with good music and muddy fields thrown in. Wellies are a must. Perhaps this is more UK rather than Dubai worthy but nonetheless a wonderful theme to plan your wedding day around….

T: Shell De Mar Photography B: Shell De Mar Photography

T: Shell De Mar Photography B: Shell De Mar Photography

Clockwise from top L: Katie Neal; Wedfest; Shell De Mar Photography; Shell De Mar Photography

Clockwise from top L: Katie Neal; Wedfest; Shell De Mar Photography; Shell De Mar Photography

T: Blackbox Photography B: Shell De Mar Photography

T: Blackbox Photography B: Shell De Mar Photography

L: Helen Abrahams M: Julie and You R: We not Me Collective

L: Helen Abrahams M: Julie and You R: We not Me Collective

L: Studio CasterilloR: My Fabulous Life

L: Studio CasterilloR: My Fabulous Life

T: Emma Lucy Photography B: We not Me Collective

T: Emma Lucy Photography B: We not Me Collective

L: Shell de Mar Photography R: Martuy McCoglan

L: Shell de Mar Photography R: Martuy McCoglan

T: Ed Peers B: Ed Peers

T: Ed Peers B: Ed Peers

L: Chris Barber Media R: Chris Barber Media

L: Chris Barber Media R: Chris Barber Media