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A vintage touch

A vintage touch is one of the most popular themes for any wedding day and with good reason; it’s just so darn romantic.

For this moodboard I’ve taken inspiration from Downton Abbey (if you haven’t watched it then you really should) and the early 1900’s without trying to get too distracted by the Gatsby era of abundance and art deco.

One of my favourite new loves has to be the shoulder necklace which fits in perfectly to a vintage vibe, in fact these images are making me hanker after one myself. You know, for all the balls I attend….I digress.

If like many brides you want to achieve a romantic look but don’t want to go overboard on a vintage theme, then why not add some ‘splashes’ of vintage. Lace, old suitcases, leather bound books and lavender are some of the easiest ways to achieve these ‘splashings’. This is an easy and accessible theme to incorporate into your day and if you’re a fan of the this era I guarantee it will make your heart soar. 7f4345ef4cc598478622203b629a4c63 (2) a2ad5cf043d406cd7a66c00be97bf0ab (2) gina meola (2) 7511f5eae657d837738b0b15b1496440 (2) f0e373e5c4b7ec819b9a01718b0ca4cc (2) 8f321327030c02517d7262035fb5671d (2) dd1cc73a2ee35336014eeeff4591ad58 (2) 83847517ad83c8f605ae42805a6b24f3 (2) 81ec65feadeb04b5719979d33d51b179 (2) 0cda4ddc293d2d16191e7bf98e2a44f0 (2) erich mcvey (2) 243757398552268940_hbdi19uU_c (2) katy lunsford (2) 8650dd28c4fba6e0e331f2a55ebfc069 (2) Kate Osborne 875041b3f56c1557fd1563aa492a4c5e (2)


Pie Table Heaven; Nicole & Ricky

I love this wedding. Fact. It is a day bursting with the most imaginative personal touches in a rural, vintage and chic setting – my favourite kind!

Not only is there a pie table instead of the usual candy tables, but there is also the most exquisite chandelier in the garden. I’m having a ‘oh to be married under a chandelier in the garden’ moment. With so much wedding pretty and vintage touches to gaze upon I’m sure that you will love this day too.

Captured by Daniel Balboa, he gives us his account of the day,

Rocky Stone and Nicole Bryant are two beautiful people! Their helpful, loving nature made this day so easy and special. The vintage chic theme created a very relaxed atmosphere for the guests and vendors to enjoy the day.

The fun story behind their day was the rain. It poured overnight and anything outside the last minute tents were wet. The coordinator and photographer, along with the owners of the property, worked together to dry everything off before the guests arrived.

The bride arrived just as the clouds parted and patches of blue skies appeared. Although a little chilly, the rain was held back until part way through the reception. The sky released the rain, thunder and lighting while the bride’s father blessed the newly weds with a heartfelt toast. The pie and dessert table were a small reflection of this unique couple’s desire to be real and authentic with who they are. It was a joy and privilege to capture their amazing day and beautiful love!

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High Tea in the Spring – Elizabeth and Jess

I beamed from ear to ear when I first laid eyes on these images; this wedding is right up my street, and thanks to Jo Photo I get to share these with all of you. Elizabeth and Jess were married in the Spring at Maryville, Tennessee and they decided on an afternoon tea theme for their wedding day.

There are so many intricate details captured in this day to be ‘oohed and ahhed’ over.

I’ll pass you over to Jo to tell us more about the day.

2013-07-29_0001 2013-07-29_0007 2013-07-29_0006

All things vintage


Elizabeth and her mother, Leslie, planned a small intimate 2 o’clock afternoon wedding with English adornments to include personalized doilies under each plate with each guest’s name on them, lumps of sugar and vintage decorative tea bags. The bride’s veil was hand made by the groom’s mother, and there were antique hankerchiefs for ‘happy tears’ during the wedding ceremony.

2013-07-29_0012 2013-07-29_0005 2013-07-29_0002

Afternoon Tea


The guest seating cards were hand made on vintage paper and hung on twine across antique wooden screen doors. The reception catering included scones, marmalades, delectable tea sandwiches, and hot tea provided in vintage tea pots. The bride and groom’s teapot was hand painted by the bride’s grandmother.

2013-07-29_0009 2013-07-29_0013 2013-07-29_0004 2013-07-29_0014 2013-07-29_0003 2013-07-29_0010

Jam for everyone


An assortment of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry jams were favors for the guests – the berries were hand picked by the bride’s mother and father months before the wedding, canned in their home, and personalized for Elizabeth’s wedding day!

2013-07-29_0017 2013-07-29_0011 2013-07-29_0016 2013-07-29_0015

Caterer:  Holly’s Eventful Dining / Floral Designer:  Lisa Foster Floral Design Studio / Dress Store:  White Lace & Promises / Linens and Coverings:  White Table / Event Venue:  Smithview Pavilion & Event Center / Other:  The Bride Link

The perfect blend of Vintage and Tradition; Laura & Andrew

There are more details in Laura and Andrew’s day than you can shake a stick at. The bridesmaids are in perfectly contrasting outfits and the groomsmen are just as suave. Add into the mix afternoon tea with vintage china and a dress from the 1940’s and this swiftly becomes a wedding I wish I was at.

More importantly, Laura and Andrew’s day radiates sheer and utter happiness. I just love it!

This wedding is shot by Charlene Morton Photography, a UK photographer in the West Country.



The morning of the wedding began at Laura and Andrews Bristol home, where the bridal party preparations were well underway. Hair and make-up artists had set up camp in the kitchen with boxes of rollers, brushes pots and powders. As we arrived the bridesmaids had their hair set and were all in coloured hairnets which held their curled and pinned hair-dos in place. The bridesmaids dresses were all vintage, and had been painstakingly sourced by Laura. 4 long laced prom style dresses (some of which had been hand-dyed pastel tones) were all authentic vintage, absolutely beautiful and were as if they were made to suit each of the girls. The addition of handmade flower corsages tied the bridesmaids together seamlessly. Laura had also sourced matching coloured vintage costume jewellery for each of her bridesmaids which was presented as gifts in dainty handbags she had hand sewn!




Vintage Find

Laura’s 1940’s vintage dress had been sourced from America, and was found in a dusty trunk which had not been opened since the wartime. A really incredible find! The dress had been shipped to the UK and altered to reduce the skirt size to a more A-line shape to modernise slightly and fit Laura perfectly. Delicate long lace arms and a high laced neck The preparations were a wholly relaxed morning of fun, smiles and friends.

2013-07-24_0012 2013-07-24_0019 2013-07-24_0014 2013-07-24_0024

Dapper groom

The grooms party arrived, each with flashes of 1940’s inspiration, from the quiffed fringes, to contrast brogues and black braces. Even the guests had joined in on the fun, with 1950’s style prom dresses, red lipstick and feathered hats. This wedding really was vintage done well.

Vintage cars transported the bridal party to Leigh Court and they were whisked away to an upstairs room to prepare for the ceremony. (Elements of the day like this created a really traditional feel to the proceedings, and including a greeting line after the ceremony) The sun was well and truly shining and remained bright well into the evening, allowing guests the pleasure of sitting outside and enjoying their pimms – probably for the first time this year!

2013-07-24_0023 2013-07-24_0010 2013-07-24_0016

Afternoon Tea

Thanks to the Vintage China Hire, the dining room had been transformed into a tea party fit for a queen (and her king!). Delicate vintage teacups, mismatched with ornate teapots, floral doilies and china cake stands provided the basis of the table setup. It was the intricate details and personal touches which really made the difference, female guests were gifted with hand knitted cupcakes, created by Laura’s mother, whilst the male guests were treated to personalised handkerchiefs. Miniature crackers provided an ingenious icebreaker around the tables, and wild pastel toned seasonal flowers were scattered in glass vases.

High tea was served in a rush of tea leaves, miniature sandwiches and fresh cream cakes whilst a Rockabilly band set up in the adjoining room.

2013-07-24_0021 2013-07-24_0008

Pose off

After the ceremony we took the opportunity to line the guests up outside for the confetti throwing, the newlyweds walked through a long tunnel of their guests whilst being showered in pastel petals. Pimms was served on the back lawn, and we swept the bride groom and their nearest and dearest away for some group shots.

The group shots soon turned into a pose off, with the ushers and groom attempting out out pose the modelesque bride and her bridesmaids. The boys flashed their brogues, and emulated the suave gentlemen of the 1940’s era.

Whilst the girls undertook a very editorial look and showed the boys how its done!


Raising the hemline

In order to dance the night away in style Laura slipped into something a little more comfortable, a shorter 1950’s vintage dress with sage green satin sash. With an abundance of petticoats and delicate lace sleeves she relaxed into her outfit change in order to enjoy the rest of her night. The sun shone for the entire evening allowing some beautiful shots with dreamlike sun-glare.

The entire day was a flawless blend of vintage and tradition, with family and close friends sharing the day together. The evening entertainment included a rockabilly band, and outside barbecue, a lovely relaxed evening to top off a perfect wedding day. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Brown!


Photographer:  Charlene Morton Photography/Hair Stylist: Bridal Styling / Floral Designer:Greenfields Florist / Transportation: Kens Kars/Dress Store:Luxe Bridal / Dress Designer:Susan Gibly (vintage dress alterations) / Other: TheVintageHire.com/

Vintage Shoot

This is a vintage shoot with a twist. Not only is this a beautifully elegant shoot but it incorporates my favourite new decoration, the antler! I honestly can’t remember the last time something so simple has added so much rustic panache. The greatest twist though, is that touch of modern amidst the traditional.  The wonderful way in which the tattoos compliment the stunning antiquity of the decor gives this a chic-modern rustic feel that I have never seen but I absolutely love. As a non tattooed body I am clearly not the right person to wade into the debate on covering up or not covering up your tattoos  But I have to say, I really do love the pride in which they are shown here. Do you have tattoos? Will you or did you let them show on your wedding day?

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Photographer:  Sonia Bourdon photography//Jewelry:Bijoux Mohawki // Cake Designer:Gât-o
Event Designer: La Mariée Bohème//Floral Designer:Les Petites Excuses // Veils and headpieces: Letters to Jane // Dress Store: Natalai Exlusif//Makeup Artist:Susan Morales