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Romona Keveza Spring 2014

Celebrity red carpet couturier of choice, Romona Keveza’s Spring 2014 collection paid tribute to timeless style. Named ‘A Passage Through Time’, Keveza’s latest offering fused great fashion moments of the past with a modern sensibility. Each gown within the collection represents a particular era; from the elegance of the 1920’s right through to the millennium and into the future, this collection is exquisitely diverse.  01_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK525-Front (2) 02_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK526-Front (2)03_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK527_Front (2) 04_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK528-Front (2) 05_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK529-Back (2) 06_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK530-Front (2) 07_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK531-CloseUp (2) 08_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK532-Back (2) 09_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK533-Front (2) 10_Romona-Keveza_Couture-Spring-2014_RK534-CloseUp (2)


Francesca Miranda Spring 2014

Intricate lace overlays and elaborate laser-cut detailing define Francesca Miranda’s Spring 2014 collection. Known for her celebrity clients, her bridal gowns have a distinctive cut and style. My favourite of this collection is her final look; a stunning combination of an illusion lace neckline with a blue and white floral-patterned A-line skirt.

09_courtesy_fmiranda_18 (2) 12_courtesy_fmiranda_24 (2) 07_courtesy_fmiranda_14 (2) 06_courtesy_fmiranda_12 (2) 13_courtesy_fmiranda_26 (2) 10_courtesy_fmiranda_20 (2) 14_courtesy_fmiranda_28 (2)

Sareh Nouri Fall 2014

New York designer Sareh Nouri unveiled her fall collection at bridal fashion week and it has made me want to go bridal dress shopping again; I want the grey ‘Marie Antoinette’ and the jewel encrusted ‘Ziba’ and the dramatic mermaid finish of ‘Field of Love’. You see, I want it all. 

Classic couture and contemporary lines make for a totally dreamy collection. You’ll want it all too….don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

07_courtesy_snouri_131 (2) 15_courtesy_snouri_288 (2) 03_courtesy_snouri_068 (2) 06_courtesy_snouri_104 (2) 11_courtesy_snouri_214 (2) 09_courtesy_snouri_186 (2) 14_courtesy_snouri_269 (2) 13_courtesy_snouri_253 (2)