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Pie Table Heaven; Nicole & Ricky

I love this wedding. Fact. It is a day bursting with the most imaginative personal touches in a rural, vintage and chic setting – my favourite kind!

Not only is there a pie table instead of the usual candy tables, but there is also the most exquisite chandelier in the garden. I’m having a ‘oh to be married under a chandelier in the garden’ moment. With so much wedding pretty and vintage touches to gaze upon I’m sure that you will love this day too.

Captured by Daniel Balboa, he gives us his account of the day,

Rocky Stone and Nicole Bryant are two beautiful people! Their helpful, loving nature made this day so easy and special. The vintage chic theme created a very relaxed atmosphere for the guests and vendors to enjoy the day.

The fun story behind their day was the rain. It poured overnight and anything outside the last minute tents were wet. The coordinator and photographer, along with the owners of the property, worked together to dry everything off before the guests arrived.

The bride arrived just as the clouds parted and patches of blue skies appeared. Although a little chilly, the rain was held back until part way through the reception. The sky released the rain, thunder and lighting while the bride’s father blessed the newly weds with a heartfelt toast. The pie and dessert table were a small reflection of this unique couple’s desire to be real and authentic with who they are. It was a joy and privilege to capture their amazing day and beautiful love!

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