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Oozing the1970’s vibe

Like many brides I was completely head over heels for any ‘boho bride’ that I laid my eyes on whilst planning my wedding. I just loved (and still do) the tousled hair, the disarranged bouquets and the yards of long flowing lace and silks. Well today is all about going back to the emergence of the modern day bohemian vibe; the hippies of the 1960’s – 1970’s.

There is much to be taken from this era in terms of wedding day styling. Think VW camper van, mismatched table settings, flower crowns, bags of colour, crochet and maybe throw in an oversized floppy hat for good measure.

Whilst a full blown hippie wedding might not be everyone’s taste, there are definitely pockets of this era that will add to a bridal boho vibe just perfectly.

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