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Oozing the1970’s vibe

Like many brides I was completely head over heels for any ‘boho bride’ that I laid my eyes on whilst planning my wedding. I just loved (and still do) the tousled hair, the disarranged bouquets and the yards of long flowing lace and silks. Well today is all about going back to the emergence of the modern day bohemian vibe; the hippies of the 1960’s – 1970’s.

There is much to be taken from this era in terms of wedding day styling. Think VW camper van, mismatched table settings, flower crowns, bags of colour, crochet and maybe throw in an oversized floppy hat for good measure.

Whilst a full blown hippie wedding might not be everyone’s taste, there are definitely pockets of this era that will add to a bridal boho vibe just perfectly.

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Outdoor elegance; Elizabeth & Justin

Outdoor weddings make my heart soar and Elizabeth and Justin’s day is no exception. Not only is there the most idyllic setting but there is also a whole load of gorgeous details and ideas for you to steal.

Elizabeth exudes all that it is to be an elegant bride and Justin is wonderfully dapper in his black tie. This is a wedding where style and sentiment combine to make a truly wonderful day. Captured by the brilliant Loren Routhier Photography, enjoy this one folks.

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Under the Oak Tree; LeAnn & Matthew

I love finishing the week on a high and LeAnn and Matthew’s day does just that. Loren Routhier Photography captured this couples stunning garden wedding in the most charming corner of Charleston.  

With an ethereal theme of birds and botanicals these photographs portray a soft and sweet affair. Lavender bridesmaids, organic fleurs (the bouquets are some of the prettiest I have seen in a long time) and seed bombs wedding favours make for some rather lovely details. 

035 (2) 032 (2) 310 (2) 070 (2) 386 (2) 290 (2) 240 (2) 278 (2) 281 (2) 040 (2) 055 (2) 318 (2) 315 (2) 430 (2)Photographer:  Loren Routhier Photography | Caterer: Cafe Catering | Floral Designer: Charleston Florist | Reception Venue: Confederate Home & College | Makeup Artist: Generations of Designs

More than perfect: Tregan & Landon

This is one of those weddings that you almost can’t believe are real because there is so much beauty on a plate. Well I can assure you that this wedding is real and it’s all the way from Utah, America courtesy of the exceedingly talented Alixann Loosle Photography.

This wedding is so darn boho-chic it hurts. With a blush and ivory colour scheme, wildflower flower crown for the bride and more candles that you shake a stick at this is the kind of wedding I wish I’d attended. Factor in the rolling hills of greenery and vineyards and you have yourself a completely dreamy day that I guarantee you will love.


IMG_0006+copy-2189231826-O (2) IMG_0028+copy-2189244145-O (2) IMG_0489+copy-2189312158-O (2) IMG_0445+copy-2189306087-O (2) IMG_0327+copy-2189295453-O (2) IMG_0278+copy-2189291960-O (2) IMG_0361+copy-2189297573-O (2) IMG_0838+copy-2189368909-O (2) IMG_0262+copy-2189289334-O (2) IMG_0267+copy-2189290639-O (2) IMG_0209+copy-2189282163-O (2) IMG_1115+copy-2189410692-O (2) IMG_1265+copy-2189433693-O (2) IMG_0834+copy-2189366717-O (2) IMG_0910+copy-2189382915-O (2) IMG_0980+copy-2189395648-O (2) IMG_1059+copy-2189404673-O (2) IMG_1382+copy-2189457383-O (2) IMG_0964+copy-2189390222-O (2) IMG_1039+copy-2189401959-O (2) IMG_0966+copy-2189391305-O (2) IMG_1453+copy-2189469004-O (2) IMG_0822+copy-2189363230-O (2)

Rustic romance; Jessica & Jeremy

The first day back after Eid is always a tough one, so to help you in your struggle today I am sharing a truly epic wedding with you. Jessica and Jeremy were married in a barn in the middle of the rolling hills of America and my goodness did they wed in style. I love the contrast of luxe against the rustic backdrop and there is just bags to be in awe of when it comes to the décor. I can’t even pick a favourite image.

Oh and just when you think it doesn’t get any better, there’s not just one cake, but five, all as beautiful as the next.

Captured by the talented Alixann Loosle Photography, this wedding is going down as one of my all time favourite weddings ever.

IMG_0045+copy-2773164045-O (2) IMG_0865+copy-2773253767-O (2)IMG_0530+copy-2773206985-O IMG_0586+copy-2773210640-O IMG_0128+copy-2773169025-O (2) IMG_0346+copy-2773191055-O (2) IMG_0879+copy-2773255473-O (2)IMG_1557+copy-2773348653-O (2) IMG_0719+copy+2-2788540233-O (2) IMG_0797+copy-2773239979-O (2) IMG_0757+copy-2773231278-O (2) IMG_0755+copy-2773230830-O (2) IMG_0828+copy+2-2788551005-O (2) IMG_0844+copy-2773252024-O (2) IMG_0455+copy-2773201053-O (2)IMG_1233+copy-2773289824-O IMG_0504+copy-2773205686-O (2) IMG_1052+copy-2773268643-O (2) IMG_0852+copy-2773252913-O (2) IMG_0960+copy-2773261605-O (2) IMG_0868+copy-2773253754-O (2) IMG_1220+copy-2773288467-OIMG_0405+copy-2773194571-O (2) IMG_1402+copy-2773321445-O (2) IMG_1386+copy-2773318352-O (2) IMG_1189+copy-2773286452-O (2) IMG_1170+copy-2773283689-O (2) IMG_0673+copy-2773219708-O (2) IMG_1298+copy-2773294866-O (2) IMG_1589+copy-2773356141-O (2) IMG_1457+copy-2773329061-O (2) IMG_1776+copy-2773397899-O (2) IMG_1671+copy-2773374216-O (2) IMG_1515+copy-2773338158-O (2) IMG_1686+copy-2773377198-O (2) IMG_2189+copy-2773476483-O (2) IMG_2244+copy-2773490098-O (2)

Pastel Perfection – Katie & Mike

Katie and Mike were married in the most beautiful of outdoor settings. Pastel hues and intimate details make this wedding incredibly romantic. Captured by Diana Deaver Photography, prepare yourself for a whole lots of wedding pretty.

This is a wedding that will put a big smile on your face this Wednesday morning.

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Caterer:  Newton Farms Catering / Floral Designer:  Forget Me Nots by Horst Flowers / Cake Designer:  Cupcake / Equipment Rentals:  EVENT DRS