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Oozing the1970’s vibe

Like many brides I was completely head over heels for any ‘boho bride’ that I laid my eyes on whilst planning my wedding. I just loved (and still do) the tousled hair, the disarranged bouquets and the yards of long flowing lace and silks. Well today is all about going back to the emergence of the modern day bohemian vibe; the hippies of the 1960’s – 1970’s.

There is much to be taken from this era in terms of wedding day styling. Think VW camper van, mismatched table settings, flower crowns, bags of colour, crochet and maybe throw in an oversized floppy hat for good measure.

Whilst a full blown hippie wedding might not be everyone’s taste, there are definitely pockets of this era that will add to a bridal boho vibe just perfectly.

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The most romantic engagement; Michelle & Zach

Hand on my heart, this is the most romantic engagement shoot that I have ever laid eyes on. To be swept up into the arms of your handsome tuxed prince on the white sandy beaches of Southern California is my idea of the perfect modern fairytale. Lacie Hansen has captured this dreamy shoot so completely perfectly and luckily for you this is only the first installment of Lacie’s incredible talent.

Prepare yourself for this Californian fairytale.

13120018 (2) 13160008 (2) 82210008 (2) 13130015 (2) 82200003 (2) 82230013 (2) 13120026 (2) 82270003 (2) 13160006 (2) 13120023 (2) 13190001 (2) 13160015 (2) 13130018 (2) 82320006 (2)Anyone else tempted to put their best frock on and drag their boy down to the beach in an attempt to recreate this beauty?

I’m off…..!

Roaming New York; Kelly & Brian

There is something about a New York engagement shoot that I just love and this one is no different. Kelly and Brian spent the day roaming the streets of New York with their photographer Scott Kretschmann Photography and got some stunning shots.

My favourites have to be those on Brooklyn Bridge, it’s just so darn cool as a backdrop.  I hope you enjoy our little slice of NYC today.

Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement4_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement7_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement1_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement10_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement12_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement6_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement16_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement21_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement18_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement28_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement24_low (2) Youngs_Bauer_Scott_Kretschmann_Photography_KellyBrianEngagement27_low (2)

Is it just me that now wants to move to New York?!

Afternoon tea with a difference; Alison & Ryan

I love this engagement shoot from Hilary Cam Photography. If I’m completely honest, I am sometimes left a little bewildered at some engagement shoots because they can appear to be so (dare I say it?), stale.

This shoot is anything but stale and it’s why I’m so keen to share it with you.

Trust me, I know that it’s hard to be plonked in front of a camera and told to ‘act natural’ but a good photographer will put you at ease and entice the natural you out. My advice would be, if you’re going to have an engagement shoot, ensure that it encapsulates what you love and echoes you both truly and vividly.

Alison and Ryan have packed so much punch, personality and laughter into this shoot that it makes my heart soar. Alice in Wonderland, eat your heart out, this puts your tea party to shame…..

Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0016_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0008_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0123_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0127_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0124_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0113_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0081_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0252_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0228_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0209_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0199_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0197_low Alison & Ryan's Tea Party Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0242_lowLangley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0170_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0165_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0157_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0152_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0151_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0146_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0138_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0266_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0279_low Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0302_low Alison & Ryan's Tea Party Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0398_low Alison & Ryan's Tea Party Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0378_low Alison & Ryan's Tea Party Langley_Davies_Hilary_Cam_Photography_Sydney_0411_low Alison & Ryan's Tea PartyWhat do you think? Are you inspired to book your own engagement shoot?