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Cathedral Veils

I never thought that I would be a ‘veil girl’ and if I did have one then it would be a short simple one. Well, all that changed when I started trying dresses on…the long veil always seemed to ‘complete’ the dress I was wearing. I sweated it out for a bit (they do not come cheap) but alas, my love was cemented when I saw the bottom right picture. Bam, cathedral lace edged veil it had to be!

If you’re in turmoil on the long-vs-short veil I am sure that this collection of images will help; who doesn’t want to stand in a field and let 2 1/2 metres of delicious tulle swoosh behind you? I know I do!


L: Peaches and Mint R: Loft Photographie


T: Lavara Photography B: Pinterest


Clockwise from top L: Hillary Mayberry; Lori Paladino; Nate Henderson; Justin Dimitus


L: Mi Bella Inc R: White Haute Photography


Clockwise from top L: Missy Cochran; Jemma Keech; Pinterest; Melissa Jill


T: Love Life Images B: Tamiz Photography


L: Karlisch R: Lavara Photography


Clockwise from top L: Austin Gros; KT Merry; Caroline Tran; Elizabeth Messina


L: Jose Villa R: Laura Murray


L: Christian Oth R: Bryan Photography


L: Jemma Keech R: Elizabeth Messina


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The Couture Veil 2013

Sassi Holford is one the UK’s most renowned designers and for good reason. Her designs epitomise what it is to be the classic meets modern bride. Now her talent has spread to designing veils and accessories in keeping with her signature look. Not only does she offer a stunning collection but there is also the option to create a completely bespoke design to perfectly reflect your dress. How completely perfect is that?


The modern bride understands the importance of creating an overall look for her big day, and the veil is an integral part of this process. The Couture Veil is a luxury brand of veils and accessories for the discerning bride who desires quality of design and making – it is designed by Sassi Holford and handmade in Sassi’s own workrooms.



The collection is truly inspirational and offer a choice of tiers and a wide choice of trims from simple stitched to gorgeous French lace. The veils can be ordered in four tulles: English, fine, vintage and Swiss silk and the bespoke service allows brides to create a unique veil that is the perfect finishing touch.



The Couture Veil also features a fashionable selection of birdcage veils, beaded cuffs and belts.  It is available at an exclusive list of forty retailers across the country and prices start at £54.




+ 44 (0) 1823 336 000