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Alyne by Rita Vinieris

Holding true to the timeless style she is known for, Rita Vinieris Fall 2014 collection embodies sophisticated elegance. Romantic details and subtle embellishments guarantees this collections popularity among brides looking for a classic look.

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Francesca Miranda Spring 2014

Intricate lace overlays and elaborate laser-cut detailing define Francesca Miranda’s Spring 2014 collection. Known for her celebrity clients, her bridal gowns have a distinctive cut and style. My favourite of this collection is her final look; a stunning combination of an illusion lace neckline with a blue and white floral-patterned A-line skirt.

09_courtesy_fmiranda_18 (2) 12_courtesy_fmiranda_24 (2) 07_courtesy_fmiranda_14 (2) 06_courtesy_fmiranda_12 (2) 13_courtesy_fmiranda_26 (2) 10_courtesy_fmiranda_20 (2) 14_courtesy_fmiranda_28 (2)

Sareh Nouri Fall 2014

New York designer Sareh Nouri unveiled her fall collection at bridal fashion week and it has made me want to go bridal dress shopping again; I want the grey ‘Marie Antoinette’ and the jewel encrusted ‘Ziba’ and the dramatic mermaid finish of ‘Field of Love’. You see, I want it all. 

Classic couture and contemporary lines make for a totally dreamy collection. You’ll want it all too….don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

07_courtesy_snouri_131 (2) 15_courtesy_snouri_288 (2) 03_courtesy_snouri_068 (2) 06_courtesy_snouri_104 (2) 11_courtesy_snouri_214 (2) 09_courtesy_snouri_186 (2) 14_courtesy_snouri_269 (2) 13_courtesy_snouri_253 (2)

Claire Pettibone Spring 2014

Claire Pettibone has long been a coveted bridal designer of mine. Her bohemian style is effortless and the precise detail of every single dress never fails to impress. Her new collection is without doubt as good as her last, with lace dominant throughout and her signature opaque backs as beautiful as ever. Claire’s dresses are perfect for brides wanting that elegant ethereal look. 01_courtesy_cpettibone_001 (2) 04_courtesy_cpettibone_004 (2) 06_courtesy_cpettibone_006 (2) 10_courtesy_cpettibone_010 (2) 18_courtesy_cpettibone_018 (2) 11_courtesy_cpettibone_011 (2) 15_courtesy_cpettibone_015 (2) 16_courtesy_cpettibone_016 (2) 19_courtesy_cpettibone_019 (2)

Houghton Spring 2014

If you are looking for a modern and cutting edge wedding dress then look no further than the new collection from Houghton. The new collection from Katherine Polk features crop tops, ombre effects and lots of sheer. Not all is as it seems as the strapless number is actually a jumpsuit.

Like I say, if you’re looking for ultra modern and feminine then Houghton is your calling.

02_courtesy_houghton_02 (2) 08_courtesy_houghton_08 (2) 06_courtesy_houghton_06 (2) 07_courtesy_houghton_07 (2) 10_courtesy_houghton_10 (2)

Theia Fall 2014

This collection from Theia strikes the balance perfectly between elegant and modern. The classic lace dresses are finished off with edgy necklines and an abundance of detail. Don was inspired by clean modern silhouettes infused with ‘The Midas Touch’ and described his collection as ‘soft as the falling snow, sensual, modern imbued with the golden luxury, THEIA White Fall 2014’.

My favourite has to be the hooded cloak for it’s fairytale charm and sense of theatrical grandeur; just love it.

17_courtesy_theia_50 (2) 02_courtesy_theia_04 (2) 04_courtesy_theia_10 (2) 11_courtesy_theia_31 (2) 07_courtesy_theia_19 (2) 05_courtesy_theia_13 (2) 06_courtesy_theia_16 (2) 13_courtesy_theia_38 (2) 01_0_courtesy_theia_01 (2)