A vintage touch

A vintage touch is one of the most popular themes for any wedding day and with good reason; it’s just so darn romantic.

For this moodboard I’ve taken inspiration from Downton Abbey (if you haven’t watched it then you really should) and the early 1900’s without trying to get too distracted by the Gatsby era of abundance and art deco.

One of my favourite new loves has to be the shoulder necklace which fits in perfectly to a vintage vibe, in fact these images are making me hanker after one myself. You know, for all the balls I attend….I digress.

If like many brides you want to achieve a romantic look but don’t want to go overboard on a vintage theme, then why not add some ‘splashes’ of vintage. Lace, old suitcases, leather bound books and lavender are some of the easiest ways to achieve these ‘splashings’. This is an easy and accessible theme to incorporate into your day and if you’re a fan of the this era I guarantee it will make your heart soar. 7f4345ef4cc598478622203b629a4c63 (2) a2ad5cf043d406cd7a66c00be97bf0ab (2) gina meola (2) 7511f5eae657d837738b0b15b1496440 (2) f0e373e5c4b7ec819b9a01718b0ca4cc (2) 8f321327030c02517d7262035fb5671d (2) dd1cc73a2ee35336014eeeff4591ad58 (2) 83847517ad83c8f605ae42805a6b24f3 (2) 81ec65feadeb04b5719979d33d51b179 (2) 0cda4ddc293d2d16191e7bf98e2a44f0 (2) erich mcvey (2) 243757398552268940_hbdi19uU_c (2) katy lunsford (2) 8650dd28c4fba6e0e331f2a55ebfc069 (2) Kate Osborne 875041b3f56c1557fd1563aa492a4c5e (2)


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