Sareh Nouri Fall 2014

New York designer Sareh Nouri unveiled her fall collection at bridal fashion week and it has made me want to go bridal dress shopping again; I want the grey ‘Marie Antoinette’ and the jewel encrusted ‘Ziba’ and the dramatic mermaid finish of ‘Field of Love’. You see, I want it all. 

Classic couture and contemporary lines make for a totally dreamy collection. You’ll want it all too….don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

07_courtesy_snouri_131 (2) 15_courtesy_snouri_288 (2) 03_courtesy_snouri_068 (2) 06_courtesy_snouri_104 (2) 11_courtesy_snouri_214 (2) 09_courtesy_snouri_186 (2) 14_courtesy_snouri_269 (2) 13_courtesy_snouri_253 (2)


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