Theia Fall 2014

This collection from Theia strikes the balance perfectly between elegant and modern. The classic lace dresses are finished off with edgy necklines and an abundance of detail. Don was inspired by clean modern silhouettes infused with ‘The Midas Touch’ and described his collection as ‘soft as the falling snow, sensual, modern imbued with the golden luxury, THEIA White Fall 2014’.

My favourite has to be the hooded cloak for it’s fairytale charm and sense of theatrical grandeur; just love it.

17_courtesy_theia_50 (2) 02_courtesy_theia_04 (2) 04_courtesy_theia_10 (2) 11_courtesy_theia_31 (2) 07_courtesy_theia_19 (2) 05_courtesy_theia_13 (2) 06_courtesy_theia_16 (2) 13_courtesy_theia_38 (2) 01_0_courtesy_theia_01 (2)


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