More than perfect: Tregan & Landon

This is one of those weddings that you almost can’t believe are real because there is so much beauty on a plate. Well I can assure you that this wedding is real and it’s all the way from Utah, America courtesy of the exceedingly talented Alixann Loosle Photography.

This wedding is so darn boho-chic it hurts. With a blush and ivory colour scheme, wildflower flower crown for the bride and more candles that you shake a stick at this is the kind of wedding I wish I’d attended. Factor in the rolling hills of greenery and vineyards and you have yourself a completely dreamy day that I guarantee you will love.


IMG_0006+copy-2189231826-O (2) IMG_0028+copy-2189244145-O (2) IMG_0489+copy-2189312158-O (2) IMG_0445+copy-2189306087-O (2) IMG_0327+copy-2189295453-O (2) IMG_0278+copy-2189291960-O (2) IMG_0361+copy-2189297573-O (2) IMG_0838+copy-2189368909-O (2) IMG_0262+copy-2189289334-O (2) IMG_0267+copy-2189290639-O (2) IMG_0209+copy-2189282163-O (2) IMG_1115+copy-2189410692-O (2) IMG_1265+copy-2189433693-O (2) IMG_0834+copy-2189366717-O (2) IMG_0910+copy-2189382915-O (2) IMG_0980+copy-2189395648-O (2) IMG_1059+copy-2189404673-O (2) IMG_1382+copy-2189457383-O (2) IMG_0964+copy-2189390222-O (2) IMG_1039+copy-2189401959-O (2) IMG_0966+copy-2189391305-O (2) IMG_1453+copy-2189469004-O (2) IMG_0822+copy-2189363230-O (2)


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