Something Blue

It may be because I am the proud owner of a sapphire engagement ring that I am biased but I think that blue is a brilliant colour.

Whether your wedding day has a nautical theme or you simply have a blue penchant like me, blue is stylish, chic and beautiful. And if you decide to borrow any of these blue ideas, you are hitting two of your wedding check list in one foul swoop. 

My favourite discovery for this board is the blueberry mojito….who knew?

Jose Villa bdb24746210e5013e25bc1f6bb654492 birds of a feather 5ebbeb922e6221dc4961652bccda23bb 30b70487d0fe14596b27d96022b68194 8a7c099629bbe850e992601f7e8cc398 d32255b0c00178b795340c80e4888048 2f7bdbcd884d4192f43e3208ed9941f3 3be28dae33c9318c7b7fce170f1e8453 7a86c6dd59ff39ab725bedf993474717 1f8a35208705dfbb501b253c5d78e84e nate broshot b52cbcf8402ce07889f49b4bff7578ff 0da2fece68c953b473b8090ba9904935 b39fd01f2d4b268a7533f1fd9c651b2d marti's floral design - SMP 2f5c885cae799efd35467194ae09d7c2

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