Alternative Wedding Cakes

Yesterday’s wedding cake overload got me thinking about just that; cake. Now I know that I was never really that fussed about cake and I think for many couples the wedding cake is becoming simply a ‘tick in the box’ purchase. Now whilst I absolutely adored each and every cake from Jessica and Jeremy’s day, I’ve decided to go down an alternative route for couples wanting something a little different for their cake.

The doughnut cake

If you are a fan of the doughnut (and quite frankly, who isn’t?!) then why not treat your guests to a stack of doughnuts.

dove and sparrow photo SMP (2) 51ddc26b30f87f51b5214aea2fab1a6f (2)Rice Krispies

If your childhood breakfast was the rice krispie then use that to create a delicious mountain of krispie cake. If you haven’t tried this, then you should because I know for a fact that it’s delicious.

aa5dd31b62ca9fc4fe22c46d068b35da (2)Macaroons

Elegant, dainty and French….what more could you ask for in an alternative wedding cake?

besosdesigns.blogspot (2)

Savoury extraordinaire

Not a fan of the sweet? Then go savoury with a choice of pancake, pie or the ever growing popular cheese cake. All of these options serve you well with your well oiled guests….I can almost guarantee that there will be no left overs!

8f95deeb2bce98b33f459bd4604f7777 (2) 153b4af4b78b858abe2a3e31c28a8e8d (2) 7d334c05c284ab6fb829d25008aa6a93 (2) 4e19f8af10987e66cead7ddaa39c943a (2) efbed34c528068826ec664b18a37a8aa (2)All things small

A lovely way to be a little different is to make your wedding cake miniature and have one small morsel for each and every guest. Jarful AE is a brilliant example of how small treats can look and taste wonderfully unique.

1235958_317920638352604_760317400_n (2) c73e7ec7cc31bc8c5b6c32977ae6dd94 (2) 958bfffb2532148e7789eb6f3dde3f3e (2)Completely wacky

For those looking for something completely alternative and unique then how about a pizza cake or even a Jagermeister cake? It may not say ‘classic bride’ but it does scream of a fun wedding!

072f8b5b41c82332e2da0d679ebf0804 (2)



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