Rustic romance; Jessica & Jeremy

The first day back after Eid is always a tough one, so to help you in your struggle today I am sharing a truly epic wedding with you. Jessica and Jeremy were married in a barn in the middle of the rolling hills of America and my goodness did they wed in style. I love the contrast of luxe against the rustic backdrop and there is just bags to be in awe of when it comes to the décor. I can’t even pick a favourite image.

Oh and just when you think it doesn’t get any better, there’s not just one cake, but five, all as beautiful as the next.

Captured by the talented Alixann Loosle Photography, this wedding is going down as one of my all time favourite weddings ever.

IMG_0045+copy-2773164045-O (2) IMG_0865+copy-2773253767-O (2)IMG_0530+copy-2773206985-O IMG_0586+copy-2773210640-O IMG_0128+copy-2773169025-O (2) IMG_0346+copy-2773191055-O (2) IMG_0879+copy-2773255473-O (2)IMG_1557+copy-2773348653-O (2) IMG_0719+copy+2-2788540233-O (2) IMG_0797+copy-2773239979-O (2) IMG_0757+copy-2773231278-O (2) IMG_0755+copy-2773230830-O (2) IMG_0828+copy+2-2788551005-O (2) IMG_0844+copy-2773252024-O (2) IMG_0455+copy-2773201053-O (2)IMG_1233+copy-2773289824-O IMG_0504+copy-2773205686-O (2) IMG_1052+copy-2773268643-O (2) IMG_0852+copy-2773252913-O (2) IMG_0960+copy-2773261605-O (2) IMG_0868+copy-2773253754-O (2) IMG_1220+copy-2773288467-OIMG_0405+copy-2773194571-O (2) IMG_1402+copy-2773321445-O (2) IMG_1386+copy-2773318352-O (2) IMG_1189+copy-2773286452-O (2) IMG_1170+copy-2773283689-O (2) IMG_0673+copy-2773219708-O (2) IMG_1298+copy-2773294866-O (2) IMG_1589+copy-2773356141-O (2) IMG_1457+copy-2773329061-O (2) IMG_1776+copy-2773397899-O (2) IMG_1671+copy-2773374216-O (2) IMG_1515+copy-2773338158-O (2) IMG_1686+copy-2773377198-O (2) IMG_2189+copy-2773476483-O (2) IMG_2244+copy-2773490098-O (2)


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