Hayley Paige Spring 2014

I’ll be honest with you Hayley Paige is a designer who has only just come onto my radar but boy am I glad that she has. This collection has everything that I love in a bridal designer; sweetheart necklines, keyholes and peek-a-boo necklines which just make for an interesting twist on your classic look. Embellished in all the right places, Hayley Paige is now on my ‘must-watch’ list.

12_mcv_hpaige_197 (2) 08_mcv_hpaige_130 (2) 10_mcv_hpaige_156 (2) 18_mcv_hpaige_318 (2) 15_mcv_hpaige_257 (2) 06_mcv_hpaige_100 (2) 01_mcv_hpaige_008 (2) 05_mcv_hpaige_092 (2) 03_mcv_hpaige_056 (2)

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