Vera Wang Fall 2014

Bridal Fashion Week is currently in  full swing in New York at the moment and so this week is going to be fairly fashion heavy on the blog as I share my favourite designers; don’t worry, they’ll be doses of weddings and inspiration as well.

To kick start the fashionable foray it is none other than Vera Wang. Now it seems that Vera is well and truly over sending white dresses down the catwalks these days. This season it’s pinks, purples and coral tones. Whilst the colours may not be to everyone’s taste (don’t worry, they come in neutral tones as well), the ‘classically vera-ness’ of each design ensures that her status as one of the all time greatest bridal designers is not going anywhere anytime soon.

What do you think of her bold colour choice? Would you be a purple bride?

01_mcv_vwang_008 (2) 03_mcv_vwang_040 (2) 06_mcv_vwang_103 (2) 05_mcv_vwang_083 (2) 09_mcv_vwang_163 (2) 11_mcv_vwang_203 (2) 14_mcv_vwang_266 (2)

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