Monique Lhuillier Fall 2014

Monique Lhuillier has long served classic-bride-with-a-modern-twist to perfection and this collection is no different. With simple lines, lace overlays and her signature folds, she has carried on this panache for her look. There is however, slightly more glitz and gold compared to previous collections which I love and gives her designs a bit more sparkle, and lets face it, we all love a bit of sparkle.

courtesy_mluillier_06 (2) courtesy_mluillier_13 (2) courtesy_mluillier_12 (2) courtesy_mluillier_03 (2) courtesy_mluillier_17 (2) courtesy_mluillier_21 (2) courtesy_mluillier_24 (2) courtesy_mluillier_27 (2) courtesy_mluillier_30 (2) courtesy_mluillier_35 (2)

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