The most romantic engagement; Michelle & Zach

Hand on my heart, this is the most romantic engagement shoot that I have ever laid eyes on. To be swept up into the arms of your handsome tuxed prince on the white sandy beaches of Southern California is my idea of the perfect modern fairytale. Lacie Hansen has captured this dreamy shoot so completely perfectly and luckily for you this is only the first installment of Lacie’s incredible talent.

Prepare yourself for this Californian fairytale.

13120018 (2) 13160008 (2) 82210008 (2) 13130015 (2) 82200003 (2) 82230013 (2) 13120026 (2) 82270003 (2) 13160006 (2) 13120023 (2) 13190001 (2) 13160015 (2) 13130018 (2) 82320006 (2)Anyone else tempted to put their best frock on and drag their boy down to the beach in an attempt to recreate this beauty?

I’m off…..!


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