A stunning Yorkshire Abbey; Rachel & Ed

The best weddings always bring tradition and fun together and this brilliantly quirky ensemble of the bride and groom running a three legged race to the backdrop of picturesque British scenery encapsulates this perfect fusion. Captured by Dubai photographer Mario Guarneros, enjoy the smiles and scenery of this wedding day….just soak up all that green!    

mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0001 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0035 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0111 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0004 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0467 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0513 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0439 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0281 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0179 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0031 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0303 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0297 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0644 (2) mlw-mario-guarneros-rachel-ed-by-mario-guarneros-0706 (2)


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