DIY by Perfect Proportions

When it comes to creativity the Perfect Proportions girls have it on a plate. An interior design company by trade but they are also very handy when it comes to DIY. Now we do have an epic post in the pipeline showcasing their interior expertise but today we are focusing on the penchant that they have for DIY decor. The first images showcase the Tiffany boxes that they made from scratch, that’s if you can take your eyes off the oily waiter!

The rest are all courtesy of a Perfect Proportions bride who has sheer talent for design. This definitely leaves you with numerous ideas including  a Pop Shoppe and just wait until you hear the detail involved in their travel theme; ingenious! 


I come from quite a party planning creative family as my sisters and I love to entertain guests.  We love all things that are pretty as we think it sets the right mood I was quite lucky to have such a wonderful bridal shower thrown for me.  It was set in a lush beautiful backyard in Pasadena, California with a hot pink, black and white color combination.  Little details such as the “yummy” food boxes, hanging picture framed photos, and the sewn colored circles created a night to remember.


My husband and I had a vintage airplane themed wedding in Mission Viejo, California. It was easy to come up with this concept because my husband, John, is a pilot and we both love to travel. Each guest was given a boarding ticket for Air Gill (our last name) that boarded flight 10.9.11 (our wedding date). The boarding ticket listed the gate number in correspondence to the table they were to be seated at.  The boarding ticket also served as our programs. The flight crew was our wedding party and the entertainment was the ceremony.

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It was important to us that our guests had a good time so we started off by providing them with The Pop Shoppe, an assortment of refreshments before the ceremony.  We had a 5 piece jazz band and a caricaturist draw black and white photos of our guests during the reception.  At the end of the night, we provided a dessert and candy bar station in which our guests were able to pick up the goods at “the baggage claim” One of my bridesmaids is an amazing artist and created all my chalkboard art.  My goal was to have a vintage-inspired, whimsical, and romantic night and it definitely became the night I envisioned.

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