Styling the Groom

Groom styling is something that’s not really been covered on Lace in the Desert but that is about to change. The groom is afterall a major part of the day. With so much thought and effort going into the bride and maids, it’s really only fair that the groom gets the same amount of attention.

This also happens to be one of my favourite image boards I’ve ever collected; men in suits make my heart flutter.

Country Gent

Think tweed and you’ve basically nailed the country gent. This is a great alternative to the standard suit and gives transforms your groom effortlessly into the ultimate country squire.

2013-09-14_0031 2013-09-14_0026 2013-09-14_0024 2013-09-14_00202013-09-14_0051 2013-09-14_0048 2013-09-14_0047

The old traditional

Whilst this is a look that is falling out of favour, there will always be die hard traditionalists who covet the morning suit. And why not? If the royals still wear it, then it can’t be all bad. This is for the ‘proper’ English Groomsman.

2013-09-14_0029 2013-09-14_0028 2013-09-14_0030

Blue hues

Blue on a boy makes my heart melt.

2013-09-14_0023 2013-09-14_0025 2013-09-14_0027 2013-09-14_0038

Tux suave 

There is a certain sophisticated sexiness that you get from a tuxed boy that I just love. This is also an easy option for your guests to adhere to as well.

2013-09-14_0037 2013-09-14_0036 2013-09-14_0021 2013-09-14_00222013-09-14_0050 2013-09-14_0053Relaxed sophistication

This is one of my favourite looks; slightly disheveled boy meets relaxed man. This is for the groom who has his own sense of style and knows exactly how to wear it.

2013-09-14_0034 2013-09-14_0033 2013-09-14_0032 2013-09-14_0046 2013-09-14_00412013-09-14_00352013-09-14_0052 2013-09-14_0056Pale and Interesting

Perfect for tanned grooms and beach weddings, the pale suit is featured in more and more weddings and with good reason.  2013-09-14_0055 2013-09-14_0054 2013-09-14_0039 2013-09-14_0040


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