In a bid to achieve that elusive bikini body I tried a barre class last week and for the first time in years I felt elegant again (for all of 2 minutes and then the sweat and dread kicked in). But for those 2 minutes I was transformed back to my 8 year old self thinking I was an elegant ballerina and I loved it. On a completely separate note, if you haven’t tried a barre class then do it – I ‘good ached’ for about 3 days afterwards and gave myself the rest of the week off.

Anyway, it made me realise that ballet is a great wedding day inspiration; we all want to feel elegant as we walk down the aisle. From the classic ballerina bun to yards of flowing tulle, ballet is a great starting point for your creative juices.

Think ultra girly pinks, more ribbon than you can shake a stick at and an abundance of roses and you’re there. I think that there is also a real feminine sexiness to ballerinas which I’ve tried to show in this image set; sexy elegance, is there a better bridal combination? I think not.

2013-09-14_0007 2013-09-14_0001 2013-09-14_00032013-09-14_0058 2013-09-14_0004 2013-09-14_0012 2013-09-14_0010 2013-09-14_0013 2013-09-14_0015 2013-09-14_0016 2013-09-14_0002 2013-09-14_0005 2013-09-14_0008 2013-09-14_0011 2013-09-14_0006 2013-09-14_0009 2013-09-14_0014 2013-09-14_0017 2013-09-14_0018 2013-09-14_00192013-09-14_0061 2013-09-14_0059 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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