Keeping your guests entertained…

One of the main things that I worried about leading up to the wedding day was, ‘will everyone have fun?’

So what do you? Do you throw every source of entertainment you can think of at them and hope that in the madness at least most guests will find something enjoyable? Or do you simply hope that your guests have a little more about them and that rousing/banterous/intriguing conversation will prevail? I attempted a perfect mixture of the two.

So how, where and what can you do to stimulate this fun and conversation.

Signing the register

Whilst you and your family may well be caught up in the emotion of signing the official paper, it can be a dull time for everyone else.

You could captivate your guests with a reading from one of your ‘best voiced’ friends.

Musical talent within your guests? Ask someone to sing or play whilst you’re away.

Digital talent within your guests? Ask someone to prepare a montage of pictures set to music and project this in your church or room…admittedly the technicalities of this one are dependent upon the venue.

Think Sister Act and hire a gospel choir…although beware, if you don’t have a choir to call upon then they can be a pricey option.

2013-09-03_0004 2013-09-03_0001


Games, games and more games. If you have outside space with your venue and are planning on a sun shining day then why not offer up some lawn games…croquet, giant jenga, throwing coconuts at things on sticks, French cricket…or invent your very own wedding day game.

2013-09-03_0007 2013-09-03_0008 2013-09-03_0003

During the meal

Ok, so people should be entertained here – after all, the food should speak for itself. But if you are mixing your tables and want an ice breaker then there are plenty of things you can do.

Hire singing waiters to surprise your guests with your favourite song.

You could jump on the competitive nature of your guests and supply them with a quiz or table crossword for them to complete and a prize for the winning table. I think you’ll be surprised just how competitive some of your guests will get and they’ll be bonding in no time.

Anecdotes and stories about the people to your guest is sitting next to is a brilliant and truly effective way to break the ice. Or, do what we did and create a ‘Menu of Mates’ which had a small, sometimes mildly fictitious, bio for every single guest at our wedding. A whole lot of work but so worth it.


At night

If you’re worried that the novelty of seeing you in a white dress might wear off then inject some life into your party with some of these ideas.

A live band is a brilliant way to get people of all ages up and throwing some moves on the dance floor.

A firework display can have your guests ‘ooohing’ and ‘aahing’ in harmony.

Flying lanterns are a great way of creating some awesome night time photographs and gets all your guests involved to write messages and aid in the physics of the lantern take-off.

2013-09-03_0005 2013-09-03_0006

At the end of the day, every one of your guests will be so excited and happy to be there that you should never worry about the ‘boredom’ factor. I’m sure that I am not alone in worrying about our guests having fun at the wedding but I needn’t have, it was a day full of giggling, excitement and stories to recant for the future.


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