Vintage Delight – Emily & Joe

I have to just start by saying, I love this dress! Ok, now that is out of my system…

Today’s stunning wedding is from Day 7 Photography and it is a corker.

One look through and you would never believe that Joe and Emily were on a low budget and that makes me love it even more as it just proves that money does not have to dictate the incredibleness of your day (a mantra currently close to my heart).

Emily’s mother put in the hard work and searched thrift shops for all the vintage plates, teacups and all the extra little bits…and I think you’ll agree that it was completely worth it.

2013-09-01_0031 2013-09-01_0032 2013-09-01_0037 2013-09-01_0038 2013-09-01_0050 2013-09-01_0041 2013-09-01_0051 2013-09-01_0036 2013-09-01_0053 2013-09-01_0045 2013-09-01_0044 2013-09-01_0043 2013-09-01_0040 2013-09-01_0035 2013-09-01_0034 2013-09-01_0030 2013-09-01_0033 2013-09-01_0039 2013-09-01_0052 2013-09-01_0046 2013-09-01_0042 2013-09-01_0049 2013-09-01_0048 2013-09-01_0047

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