Lovely Lovely Lanterns

During the planning for my wedding I grew a serious lantern fetish. I thought it might be a passing phase but it’s definitely one that has stuck.

I love lanterns. I could buy 100 lanterns and still want more. Slightly bizarre? Yes, I think it is but I am embracing it with open arms.

For those of you who also suffer from lantern love then here is some inspiration on styles and what to do with them.


2013-08-23_0018 2013-08-23_0026 2013-08-23_0025 2013-08-23_00242013-08-23_0013 2013-08-23_0017 2013-08-23_0020 2013-08-23_0028


2013-08-23_0021 2013-08-23_0019


2013-08-23_0012 2013-08-23_0016 2013-08-23_0027


2013-08-23_0029 2013-08-23_0014 2013-08-23_00152013-08-23_0011 2013-08-23_0010


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