Design by Louma

One of my main aims for this blog was always to showcase local and unique talents and Design by Louma fits that bill exactly. This is talent at its finest and best of all it’s right here in the UAE.

Wedding invitations are the first impression that your guests gets about your wedding day and having something unique that reflects you and your day will make your guests even more excited about your wedding. Each and every design by Louma is unique but my absolute favourite of this bunch has got to be the Greek Save the Date plate…I wonder if the guests will get to smash them at the wedding! To know more about Design by Louma, I’ll pass you over to Louma herself:

Tell me more about how you started your work in designing stationery?

I always loved beautiful papers, I would collect old letters, stamps, note books from my trips. I studied Graphic Design in the American University of Beirut and after graduation went off to work in web design, branding and advertising. It was only when friends & family asked me to design their wedding invitations that I found a passion for it and established my own business “Design by Louma” in Dubai a few years later.


What makes an experience with Design by Louma special?

The experience is very personal from the day you inquire about your invitations or stationery. We are a graphic design studio not a printing shop, we put forward ideas and design. We work with printers and calligraphers from the UAE and we are proud of encouraging local talent and local production.

2013-08-11_0005 2013-08-11_0004

What is it about wedding stationery that you love?

I love the fact a wedding can be made personal by injecting small stationery pieces that would reflect the couple’s personality. I am obsessed with details in terms of production, I always recommend a “wow” factor like textured cotton paper, foil stamping finish, blind debossing, guests notice that difference and appreciate  every detail designed in the wedding. My advice: go personal, reveal cute details about your relationship, why you fell in love, how you see yourselves a few years later, storytelling is what guests like to hear & read.

What style and trends do you predict for 2013 wedding stationery?

We are already half way through 2013 so looking back at the past half a year: vintage chic is still prominent, the Gatsby fever inspires a lot of weddings, but you will always have a classic taste.


Do you have a favourite design from a wedding that you have worked on?

That’s a tough one, each design project is a different experience that comes with new learnings, my favourite would be a recent project that involved sourcing vintage Lebanese stamps. A bride who had a lovely wedding brunch-style.  Another is a couple getting married in Greece and wanted an unusual Save The Date, so we looked back at wedding traditions and developed a Greek-inspired plate, reflecting the Greek dish-breaking tradition at weddings.


How do you help couples who are confused about what they want?

I always tell them to look for a photo that best describes the mood of their wedding. It can be a nice furniture piece, or an invitation card, maybe a postcard, basically a photo reference that portrays their ideal wedding day.

What do you like to do when you’re not busy working?

Outside work, I like to take care of my 9 months daughter, cook my mum’s Lebanese recipes, collect colourful notebooks, travel somewhere I have never been to, I like quiz shows and board game parties, and I like to discover the little gems of Satwa & Sharjah and that usually happens when I get lost on the way there.


 Get in touch with Louma: 

m: 00971 555523801


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