Single Flower Wedding Bouquets

Whether it’s just one single large gorgeous flower or a bouquet made up of the same flowers, single flower wedding bouquets are clean, fresh and modern.

Soft heather-like flowers work particularly well in this style because of their natural wildness. Having said that there is a very special place in my heart for the rose or peony only option…they bring both a luxurious and fresh look to your do.

I genuinely convert every single look in this batch so if you’re looking at a statement bouquet then good luck deciding on deciding which flower to use!

I love the idea of giving each of your bridesmaids a different type of flower and completely mixing up the colours of style to give everyone something unique for the day.

Like I say, good luck decided which is your favourite….I want them all! 


L: Elizabeth Messina R: Catherine Hall


Clockwise from top L: Angela Scott; Heather Wararaska; Jen Huang; Absolute Events


Jose Villa


L: Elizabeth Messina R: Sarah Kate Photography


Clockwise from top L: Pinterest; Gia Cannali; Shelby Leigh; Valerie Duquet


L: KT Merry R: Studio 58


L: Paula Lana R: Closer to Love


L: Picotte Weddings R: Buffy Denmark


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