One Year On…

This is a rather self-indulgent post. This weekend marked my our first wedding anniversary and since I’ve never shared the photos of the day with you lovely lot I decided that maybe it was time to do so!

As someone who has been a tad obsessed and writing about all things wedding for the last two years, sharing these images scares me slightly; I worry that the expectation is for sheer ‘blow you off your seat’ greatness.

I loved every single second of our day, a phrase perhaps overused when it comes to describing weddings but one that perfectly defines it nonetheless.

A rollerblading groom and best man, the tradition of army boys drawing swords when asked if anyone knows of any reason why this couple can’t be married, the joyous laughter in the Church (I never thought I’d enjoy Church so much!), watching the faces of everyone reading about themselves in the menu of mates (hours of work made worth it) and having the band give us an impromptu first dance to Oasis’ ‘She’s electric’ are just some of my many highlights.

It was the best party I’ve ever been to with the most wonderful group of people I know.

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I always ask brides to tell me their words of wisdom; my motto has and will always be do it your way, however, there are a few things I learnt:

  1. Put someone in charge of filming the speeches (seems so obvious now) doh!
  2. If you’re at home, hire some help for the dreaded clean up the next day
  3. Don’t overlook the importance of doing a dropbox share of all your pictures, I absolutely love our professional photographs but some of my favourites are from family and friends who clicked away all day – thank you.

So there it is, my happiest day and words really can’t do justice the joy I felt and still do one year on.

Photography: Mark Osborne // Venue: Ladywood // Catering: Rutland Gourmet // Band: Top Cat //Dress: Cymbeline ‘Dubai’ // Bridesmaids: Dessy


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