Elizabeth Stuart 2014

I absolutely love discovering new bridal designers and Elizabeth Stuart is my latest new discovery. I can’t think of a better way to describe her latest collection than it’s an absolute corker.

Modern clean lines meet romantic fabrics and I love the result.

Whilst it’s a collection not available in the UAE, I simply had to share it – see here for the UK stockists.

Elizabeth Stuart is the new hope in bridal creations for sophisticated contemporary brides to be, awakening a universal appeal, by her remarkable understanding of how every woman wishes to be set apart from the rest on her wedding day, with an individuality that is exclusive only to her and will be remembered forever. This was the catalyst for Elizabeth Stuart, while on her journey for that special dress for her wedding day, to create what she had envisioned would set her apart from the ordinary.

2013-07-22_0089 2013-07-22_0086 2013-07-22_0085 2013-07-22_0084 2013-07-22_0083 2013-07-22_0082

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