Budget friendly wedding; Sarah & Shawn

Today’s wedding is beautifully put together and you may be surprised to learn that it is super budget friendly. Almost all of the details were hand crafted by the Bride Sarah and she gives some brilliant advice on DIY throughout her account of the day. Captured by Stephanie Horwedel Photography, this colourful wedding  is perfect inspiration for the DIY bride.

2013-07-22_0039 2013-07-22_0037 2013-07-22_0036 2013-07-22_0031

Romantic but fun

I wanted to create a romantic yet fun feel on my wedding day. We did not want to go into debt for one day, but also want it to be personal. I did not want a cookie cutter wedding that any bride and groom could be placed into. I wanted every detail to be personal from the cake topper to the aisle runner. I also wanted to feel a little bit like home as I am from the country in WI.

2013-07-22_0040 2013-07-22_0027 2013-07-22_0032 2013-07-22_0038

Dress and Shoes

The wedding was dress designed by the bride and created by Mary Rita of Bakersfield Alterations, it is a very unique dress for a fraction of the cost (entire dress was 500 dollars and she even sewed a six pence into the dress). My shoes were made custom by painting the bottoms blue and coated with a durable clear varnish to prevent them from scuffing, blue crystals added for a pop of glitz, as you walk the bottoms as blue. Shoes where purchased at Pay less for 15 dollars (I bought one size bigger to put gel insoles in and in case of swelling, it is hot, nervous and on your feet all day) made into a unique bride shoe (and they were so comfortable!)

2013-07-22_0029 2013-07-22_0030 2013-07-22_0033 2013-07-22_0034 2013-07-22_0035

Budget Friendly Advice

When planning a wedding think about what you remember from other weddings? Was the food bad, cold, not enough? What did the decorations look like what color? What color were the chairs? Was it hot cold? Did you have to pay for drinks?
If you can’t remember what color the chairs were or the tablecloths chances are your guests will not either. Spend the money on the things that are personal to you and your spouse. Don’t spend extra money on fancy chairs or table cloths, patterned china or wedding favors….your guests will only remember if they had a good time or not.
Think about special talents your friends and family have, are they good at hair or make up? Crafty? Or do they have a personality that will help you. You can save a lot of money by enlisting there help and it is less stress too.


One thought on “Budget friendly wedding; Sarah & Shawn

  1. Gary Adest

    Sarah and Shawn, It was a pleasure hosting your creative wedding at our venue, River Ridge Ranch. You are an inspiration for couples seeking an elegant, yet affordable, approach to a romantic gathering of family and friends.


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