Long distance love; Matha & Phil

Matha and Phil were married in a gorgeously romantic wedding after falling in love in four days. As my mother would say, ‘sometimes you just know’. This isn’t a big budget wedding and it’s one of the many reasons why I love it!

There are two weddings, one at city hall and the other at the beach and they tie wonderfully together with the colour hot pink.

All of this wonderful photography is captured by Chloe Jackman.

2013-07-23_00102013-07-23_0016 2013-07-23_0011 2013-07-23_0012 2013-07-23_0013


The Oldest Dress

Since it was a small low-budget wedding and we had only two months to plan for everything, the last thing we wanted was to spend money on our wedding outfits. Phil wore an Italian designer suit that he has had for few years and my dresses were also straight out of my closet. The Max Mara black and white dress that I altered for the City Hall ceremony was a lucky find from last summer at Goodbyes in Laurel Village. For the China Beach Blessing Ceremony, I wore a 1940s vintage-style beaded silk dress. It is one of the oldest dresses I own. It’s been in my closet for twelve years and the day I set eyes on that dress at Loehmann’s, I told myself that I was going to get married in it! Amazing how things worked out and it all came together at the end.

2013-07-23_0014 2013-07-23_0022 2013-07-23_0021 2013-07-23_0015 2013-07-23_0017 2013-07-23_0018 2013-07-23_0020


Destined for one another

Life surprised us both when we fell in love in four days and knew with every fiber in us that we were destined for each other. We got married on March 8th, and we will live separately for a year or so until Phil finishes his work and school commitments, then he will move to San Francisco and we will start our happily ever after.

2013-07-23_0019 2013-07-23_0023

My Favourite Thing


Favorite thing about the wedding: The wedding cake that my cousin Tanya baked. She made Tartine’s signature Lemon Chiffon Cake with Passion Fruit Mousse and shaved coconut. It was absolutely divine!





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