College sweethearts; Erika & Michael

We are ending our week on a brilliant high with this beautiful outdoor wedding from Chloe Jackman Photography. With a pastel colour palette and the most adorable ballerina flower girl, this is without a doubt one of my favourite weddings. Happy Thursday and enjoy this elegant day.

2013-07-23_0057 2013-07-23_0058 2013-07-23_0059 2013-07-23_0060 2013-07-23_0066 2013-07-23_0062 2013-07-23_0061 2013-07-23_00632013-07-23_0068 2013-07-23_0070 2013-07-23_0067 2013-07-23_0064 2013-07-23_0065 2013-07-23_0071 2013-07-23_0072 2013-07-23_0069



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