Unique Trends in Engagement Rings

Much like bridal fashions, engagement ring trends are evolving to suit the diverse desires of today’s engaged couples, and many of these modern brides-to-be are deviating from the standard, classic diamond solitaire and opting for a more personalized, one of a kind engagement ring. These contemporary brides desire unique, unconventional rings in different styles, metals, and stones. Rare gems, eccentric settings, and uncanny cuts are just a few of the options that couples can choose from to make their engagement special. From avant-garde, ostentatious pieces to unique twists on traditional styles, modern engagement rings are bolder and more opulent than their older, more conventional counterparts.

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Currently, there is an assortment of stunning, eye-catching rings that brides-to-be are going for, including updated classics, vintage-inspired pieces, and rings containing colorful jewels instead of the average white diamond. Engaged couples can also craft their own, individualized engagement ring with specific gems, metals, and settings. Whether you choose a dazzling, shiny colored stone comparable to those worn by celebrities and royalty, an antique-influenced style, or a piece more personal with its own individual charm and sophistication, today’s array of ring options makes it easy to find or create the perfect engagement ring that compliments both your personality and style.

Diamond Ring

Rings with Old School Elegance

Many modern, chic brides are flouting today’s trendy rings, such as the double halo, in exchange for engagement rings with a vintage flair. Whether it is a family heirloom or a ring with an antiquated setting, vintage-influenced rings are hot items in the wedding ring industry. Another popular trend incorporates modern details, such as contemporary jewels or cuts, with classic designs, thus paying homage to the marital tradition of wearing both something old and something new. Incorporate a family jewel or significant gemstone in your vintage design to craft a ring that combines the something old with something of sentimental value. Those future brides who prefer a new ring, but still want that vintage touch can craft their own piece with the help of jewellers like 77 Diamonds. Whether it be an antique-inspired ring or a family heirloom, a vintage engagement ring is a unique, unconventional way to express a couple’s union.

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Colourful Stones

Although engagement rings bearing gems other than white diamonds are nothing new in the wedding ring industry as many celebrities and royal figures throughout the years have donned non-traditional rings with diamonds and gems of various colours, this trend has reemerged with fashionable brides-to-be. From Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to American actress Halle Berry, rings that incorporate unique gems are a global phenomenon in the engagement ring circuit. Choose a special stone that has meaning like a birthstone, or go with an emerald which symbolizes wholeness and unity—the perfect representation of your impending marriage. If you have your heart set on a diamond there are plenty of stones that come in a bevy of colours, including the popular pink and canary, or yellow, diamond. No matter the jewel you go with, your colourful engagement ring is sure to be a stunning, eye-catching piece.

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