Minna Hepburn Bridal

Minna Hepburn is known for her ethereal and affordable bridal dresses. Looking through this collection I feel like I’ve died and gone to boho bridal heaven. Plus all that greenery is making me a little dizzy; I haven’t left the desert for 6 long months and I’m craving a piece of this countryside!

‘Love Letters’ is Minna’s second collection and all the dresses are below £1000 (AED 5,600). Inspired by an old petticoat and a love letter found from the local antique market, it is a vintage inspired collection with stunning details and gorgeous flowing lace. With free shipment overseas they are the perfect online order.

Minna also offer accessories such as veils and headpieces as well. My eye is caught by the gorgeous Emma Flower Cape….just need a reason to ‘need’ it!

2013-07-26_0034 2013-07-26_0038 2013-07-26_0040 2013-07-26_0035 2013-07-26_0037 2013-07-26_0033 2013-07-26_0045 2013-07-26_0036 2013-07-26_0039 2013-07-26_0041 2013-07-26_0043 2013-07-26_0044 2013-07-26_0046 2013-07-26_0042


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