You may have noticed that the branding for Lace in the Desert has changed. With the help of the complete superstar that is Elizabeth Andres Designs, we are giving our little blog a facelift.

Slick with warmth. Modern with a nod to the traditional. Colourful with a classic palette.

All of these things sum up the new and improved look that we are aiming towards. I ruddy well love it.

Lace in the Desert Inspiration Board-02

Now it won’t happen overnight, unfortunately but it will be worth the wait. That much I can guarantee.

Since starting Lace in the Desert the response and growth has been far greater than I dared hope. With a full time job that often leaves my brain feeling completely fried, this is my little piece of creative fun and indulgence into a world that I am completely head over heels in love with. I am the person who excitedly jumps up and down with a faux skipping rope (not entirely sure why skipping=happiness, never quite worked that one out) when a wedding invitation drops through the letterbox.

The Dubai wedding world is growing every single day and I love being part of it. There are lots of projects and ideas up my sleeve so I hope you enjoy joining me in the world of weddings as an expat.


3 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. melbeattie

    Good luck Jessica. Looks like it is going to be fab! I am having a brand overhaul at the end of the year too, can’t wait. May I ask, what is the name of the font you used for your signature. I love it? Mel x


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