Love in the Ranches; Alison & James

Today’s beautifully relaxed wedding comes from the brilliant British photographer Melissa Beattie.

Alison and James were married at the beginning of April right here in our desert city. They chose the Jebel Ali Christ Church for their ceremony and the Arabian Ranches Golf Club for the reception.

This is a wedding of intimacy, joy and a rather special cream Ferrari!

For all the details I’ll pass you over to Alison:

2013-08-02_0005 2013-08-02_0016

Tell me about the original vision for the day……
As we never wanted a long engagement, there was only 2 months from proposal (somewhere over Bucharest in the bar on an A380!) to the wedding – so it was a very busy start to our lives in Dubai. We were really touched by the amount of people that came out to celebrate with us, but it was still very intimate, relaxed and very reflective of the things that we enjoy as a couple.


What was it about the venue that made you choose it?
We held the reception at Arabian Ranches Golf Club – The “green, country” feel of the place was familiar to us having just arrived, and the mixture of indoor/outdoors areas was great for the guests. It had the advantage of having the private function areas/balconies which were large enough for us to have all our guests around one table, which is what we really wanted so we could keep informal and chat to everyone at once.

2013-08-02_0003 2013-08-02_0004

Was the Groom dressed in his finery?
Yes – full tails for the Groom, best man, ring bearer and fathers. Amazingly, after James let them know what he was wearing, they all managed (separately) to find something that would match in UK!

2013-08-02_0012 2013-08-02_0007

Did you get excited about the details, flowers and decor and if so, what did you choose?
Well, James got very excited about the Ferrari and choosing the venue, but after that his interest in the details of flowers, cakes etc was somewhat wanted! The venue were fantastic in helping us with flowers (both there and at the church), and the cake company also made our life very easy. One quick call regarding what I wanted, and on the day it just turned up!


What was your favourite part of the day and why?
So difficult to say, there were actually so many! When I asked James he said “obviously being told he could kiss the bride!’…….however I think I saw just as big a smile on his face from driving the Ferrari to and from the church!

2013-08-02_0009 2013-08-02_0015

Were there any particularly memorable moments (good or bad!) that made your day or the build up to the day unique?
I think the vicar turning up late was certainly unique! Wasn’t expecting to be upstaged by my own vicar!

We also ready enjoyed the time we got to spend at home alone between the Church and Reception, having Champagne and photos taken (even including the dogs!)

2013-08-02_0010 2013-08-02_0011

Do you have any advice for other couples?
Just make sure you take the time out as couple during parts of the day to enjoy it – we did this a couple of times and it made the day so relaxed. We also really focused on what we wanted and not what may have been expected! So hopefully we didn’t offend anyone!

2013-08-02_0014 2013-08-02_0013 2013-08-02_0008



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