Flower Trends for 2013

In a break from the dress extravaganza that’s been going on this week, I’ve been in touch with the lovely ladies at Worood who specialise and deliver all things flowers, to get their view on wedding flower trends for the coming year. There is a mix of classic and contemporary ideas with some rather beautiful flowers that I definitely cannot pronounce nevermind spell.

It’s a shortlist designed to get your inspiration cogs churning.

Deep and Bold

Given my love for all things bright this is one of my favourite trends, especially single coloured bouquets because the impact is even greater. Mismatched brights give warmth and achieve a whimsical look which looks divine, especially in a rustic background.

absolutely gorgeous hot pink bouquet

French rose fushia, anemone fushia, peony maroon flowers classic full & luxurious mix of extreme white & red favorites hand-tied bouquet

Anemone white, peony white, peony maroon flowers

springtime blooms

liatris purple, ranunculus fuschia, ranunculus orange, hyacinth purple, French roses yellow, gypsophila purple

Soft and Romantic

There will always be love for the romantic colours of white, blush and soft greens because together it’s just so darn beautiful. Using a single flower for your bouquet is beautifully elegant and achingly romantic, making it more popular than ever.

heavenly mix of blue hues and touches of blush created with lovecactus green, peony white, spray rose pink

perfectly pastel peach bouquet

rose light pink, hydrangea light pink

pure white selection against blush of greenery

Boris Becker white, peony white, freesia white

simply stunning pink bouquet

peony pink

Mixed and Wild

Wild flowers have been on the scene for a while now in the world of weddings but these designs showcase them in new ways. Using wild flowers is a great way to give a country or vintage feel to your day.  The ‘hand-picked’ look continues to trend and with celebrities like Kate Moss choosing relaxed country flowers then count on this style sticking around for a while.

refreshingly alluring centrepiece

vivernum green,aster white,rose yellow/peach,peony white

pretty spring flair of fresh & entertaining medley of flowers

anemone yellow, purple & white, delphinium blue

passion tropical green luscious mix table centrepiece

chrysanthemum white, eucalyptus leaves


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