Wedding Favours; He Says, She Says

This  is the start of a new feature where we give you two opinions on all things bridal; his and hers.

When it comes to the wedding day I think many Grooms are left on the sideline as an observer of the crazy and bizarre things we Brides prioritise. In the lead up to the big day, listening to my man to be was my reality check. Sure, he wasn’t always right and still doesn’t understand my love for fresh flowers or designer shoes but he had some sensible points. Why? Because he’s a man and sometimes the simplicity of his mind is brilliantly reassuring. So, the opinion of the man is getting a voice. You don’t always have to follow it but it’s worth a listen.

To start with, we’re kicking off the debate on wedding favours; pointless or necessary?

He Says

If you are completely minted, I can see why you would do something like this. Something like a mini bottle of champagne for the toasts – awesome. Maybe a little memento of the day, a photo or something like that would be a great surprise to find at your table. But anything else would probably make me think, ‘cheers but this is a bit of a waste of money. Maybe you could have spent that on nicer wine?’

Chateau-Lafite-1787-most-expensive-wine (1)

I really don’t think that anyone should expect a favour at a wedding and if they do, I almost definitely would not be friends with them. As, I say, if you are loaded, it can be a brilliant extra but for normal people it just seems like a pointless and unnecessary expense on what will forever be one of the most expensive days of your life.

mini champagne favours

She Says

I think that there is sometimes far too much pressure on ticking all the boxes ‘needed’ for a wedding and favours is on that list. Thoughtful and personal gifts can be a wonderful addition to your day. However, mindlessly spending money on extras just because it’s how things are done is something that I would never advocate.


Favours are a great way of adding an extra delight for your guests. They certainly don’t need to be expensive and they don’t need to impress. Amusing favours and ones that stimulate conversation are the best kind. I saw a wedding where the favour was a stick-on fake moustache which I thought was brilliantly silly and ingenious. In fact, so much so, that I spent many an hour cutting and sticking cardboard lips and moustaches to stripey straws for our wedding day. They did everything I wanted; practically free in cost, added colour to the tables and made for lots of funny photographs.

A touch of the homemade is always a lovely thing to give. There has been a real surge in popularity for giving homemade jams and chutneys and there is good reason, they are a cheap and thoughtful way to


If money isn’t an issue and you want to treat your guests to something special then go for it. It’s your day and its should be done completely and utterly your way. Just remember to ask yourself, is this money better spent on champagne/food/honeymoon and will people take home and treasure your costly favours.


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