Destination Santorini; Jordana & Ammar

Jordana and Ammar live in Dubai and were married on the stunning island of Santorini in Greece in September 2012. Having originally met in Shanghai, this is a global couple. Firstly, I have a serious shoe crush; orange Manolo Blahniks, my heart melts.

Jordana’s vision for the day was

to gather family and friends in an unforgettable destination and to recreate the excitement we felt when we first met in Shanghai surrounded by the very same people!

Is there a more perfect vision? Set in the Aenaon Villas in Santorini, a gorgeous Mr. and Mrs. Smith-rated boutique hotel run by the lovely George and Alexandra Alexiou, this is a wedding full of heart and soul captured by Vengelis Photography.

In a nutshell, this is an idyllic island wedding.

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography00_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography03_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography10_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography13_low

Capturing it all

The one and only Vangelis (Beltzenitis) shot our wedding. His charming personality and familiarity with the venue, coupled with his incredible skill at capturing special moments, ensured that we now have the most memorable photos that our guests still talk about!

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography14_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography17_low

Dress etiquette

My mom insisted on me trying on dresses during a brief family trip a few months before the wedding. We found it on the way from Boston to New York! I made some major alterations in Dubai and made it my own. The bride’s two sisters and the groom’s sister live in different continents so it was really interesting to have them find matching colors and styles. We gave them one directive – find a knee-length cocktail dress in charcoal gray – and they coordinated with each other from there. We loved the final result!

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography20_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography21_lowBlanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography22_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography18_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography23_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography26_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography28_low

The wonderful planner

The flowers were organized by our planner, the wonderful Nina. I just wanted simple orange roses to complement the beautiful natural surroundings and she added touches of flowers on the tables, the arch and more. Our wedding planner has a special connection with one of the top bakers in Athens, who makes the most elaborate and delicious wedding cakes in Greece. She had them send our cake by boat from Athens to Santorini. It was fashioned after a photo we sent of a cake that incorporated our wedding colors (dark gray and burnt orange) and looked unlike any other cake I’d seen. We just wanted to have fun with this detail and they delivered a delicious chocolate cake with marzipan icing that our guests finished in less than 20 minutes!

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography31_lowBlanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography30_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography32_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography33_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography35_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography36_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography38_lowBlanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography37_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography42_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography43_low

Stunning Views

We did not want to detract from the stunning view of the Caldera in Santorini or the elegant design of the venue, so we added simple touches. We created our own centrepieces by bringing small Arabic lanterns (with candles) from Dubai and Nina added small orange rose bouquets to each table. She also helped us set up drape lighting behind the bride and groom table, and add lovely flowers and small decorations to the catering tables.

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography44_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography45_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography48_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography51_low

Magical moments

Our wedding was a three-day affair, from a pre-wedding Greek dinner at a local restaurant, to the wedding and reception at Aenaon Villas, to a boat ride around the Caldera the following day. We could not believe how far our friends and family travelled to share these moments with us! Our favourite moments: our moms officiating the ceremony, learning some traditional Greek steps with dancers in the sunlight, dancing the night away with everyone with Nikitas (an amazing DJ and husband of our planner, Nina)!

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography52_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography56_lowBlanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography58_low

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography15_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography60_low

Words from the wise

Really identify what you would like for your wedding and budget accordingly – try to finalize everything at least one month before the big day! Listen to your gut when working with vendors and suppliers – this day is all about your and enjoying your time with those close to you. Most importantly, have the time of your life!

Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography63_lowBlanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography64_low Blanchet_Shihab_Vangelis_Photography_BlanchetShihabVangelisPhotography65_low

Photography:Vangelis Photography

Wedding Planning and Music: Nina, Wedding in Santorini

DJ and lighting: Nikitas

Catering: Mario Restaurant

Venue: Aenaon Villas


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