Ways to say thank you….

With so much time, effort and creativity going into every element of the wedding day, sometimes the thank you cards can get overlooked. For most people a wedding is not something that ‘just happens’; friends and relatives give up their time and get stuck in with projects before the day, accompany you on the numerous shopping trips, recommend the best suppliers, lend you much needed items and maybe create a one time only ‘flower committee’ to help with the decorations and at the end of it all you’ll probably still find that these people give you the most wonderful gifts to start your married life. Personally, I could have said a million thank yous.

A personal note is so appreciated and here are some quirky and memorable ways to make sure that your thank you does not get unnoticed and that your gratitude shines through.


Send your guests a CD of the music of the wedding that will make them think of you. People will definitely have memories of dancing the night away to the songs. If the wedding being over leaves you yearning for another creative project then put the CD’s in personlised cases.

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Bake me a cake

If your cake or dessert was homemade then send the recipe out. Again, this is a great project for the creative types as you can personlise the recipe and have it looking like worthy of a Karl Lagerfeld design. (Maybe not right if the recipe involved is a family secret that you have promised to keep very close to your chest!)

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Save and use the Champagne  or wine corks from your day and have them stamped with your wedding date.  A little genuine artefact from your wedding, personalised and used as a thank you will always be appreciated and kept.


Kitchen gold

Is it just me who never has enough tea towels? They are kitchen gold in my house. Your imagination is the limit for the pictures or message on the tea towel. One idea that I really like is asking your guests to draw a picture of themselves during your wedding day and then you can have all of them published on the thank you tea towel.

the original wedding tea towel pinterest pinterest

Capture the moment

Photography will always be one of the best ways to say thank you and photograph cards are incredibly easy to have made. You could pre-plan your thank you and pose for a shot like these or  create a card using your favourite photograph of the day. There will always be those who give you gifts who couldn’t make it to the day and this is a great way of giving them a slice of the day.

Make this even more personal by sending a carefully selected photographs for each guest in the card. If you can, send a photo with you and them from the day itself. A long task I know, but so worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Ways to say thank you….

  1. Jess Alayne

    So inspirational. Thanks for sharing some really unique ideas! It actually would be pretty simple to do a CD yourself, and that makes a big impact especially if people comment that they were impressed with your DJ or band.


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