Dance till dawn; Joelle & Chady

Today marks the first real wedding from Lebanon to grace these pages and it is a corker. Stunning Bride? Tick. Incredible dress? Tick. Outdoor loveliness? Tick. Incredible details? Tick.

Like I said, it’s a corker. Oh and did I mention that upon researching the details for this wedding, it turns out that the Bride is the founder of a fashion store, Jujule Lemonie? Now I understand why she looks so darn awesome!

Joelle and Chady were married back in September 2011 at Saint Georges, Bherdok and Joe Chedrawi was there to capture each and every detail.

298239_282674475097212_1804803736_n 384565_282675001763826_184689548_n 296628_282674505097209_1695979642_n 383245_282674565097203_499329141_n 389406_282674641763862_1147088716_n 319674_282674718430521_1004183650_n 392909_282674778430515_160632702_n 376088_282675105097149_457882040_n 312593_282675345097125_1536169538_n 379404_282675738430419_1374922910_n 320677_282675888430404_2046840778_n 299745_282676175097042_1576509461_n 381147_282676415097018_605147586_n 383635_282676488430344_1863171081_n

Details, details, details

The dress was by noivas enzoani, accessories by jujule lemonie  and the jewellery by caterg. This dress was everything I wished for, simple, fluffy, with a beautiful detail on the waist, it resembled my style and character, I fell in love with it the moment I put it on. The flowers were provided by Rose Dew.

321647_282676548430338_790059593_n 376990_282677168430276_416650579_n 304101_282677335096926_1346717247_n 320250_282678355096824_638461674_n 386535_282678501763476_574600363_n 317027_282679645096695_456584099_n 378478_282679581763368_1943698696_n 390302_282679675096692_833179851_n 390454_282680491763277_1564123036_n 298568_282680245096635_2002495559_n 300719_282681405096519_1889964971_n 391012_282680585096601_650565042_n 302031_282681051763221_525418178_n380752_282683555096304_1634434261_n 391354_282683185096341_2075261274_n

Wise Words

The most memorable part was the whole day itself! The movie surprise I did for my husband turned out to be my own surprise as well! Enjoy your day, don’t stress out, consider it as a party and dance till dawn, be casual and make everyone comfortable so that they can enjoy their time at your wedding… be spontaneous, laugh out loud, it’s your day if you’re at ease everyone will be at ease, and they will be happy for your happiness.

373914_282681571763169_1496151352_n384507_282680411763285_1349276871_n 301550_282683628429630_181664666_n 376364_282684178429575_1975764454_n 302400_282683315096328_71077755_n378648_282677528430240_490940190_n 312249_282677625096897_1067329194_n 296034_282677928430200_1053622027_n 393637_282678131763513_1510594016_n317588_282677748430218_1416937488_n 317194_282684031762923_775643805_nJoelle sums up her day;

It was a perfect , super fun day, no stress no nothing, I wish I can do it all over again!

Is there a better way to think of your day? Nope, didn’t think so.

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